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Grand Scales General Code of Operating Rules First Edition January 1, 2007

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    No passenger train will be operated.

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    No hazardous material cars will be moved.

Yard limits 4.9 Within Yard Limits, trains or engines are authorized to use the main track not protecting against other trains or engines, only after obtaining permission to occupy main track. Engines must give way as soon as possible to trains as they approach. Engines must keep posted as to the arrival of passenger trains and must not delay them. All movements entering or moving within Yard Limits must be made at restricted speed unless operating under a block signal indication that is more favorable than approach.

Protect Your Train 4.10 Protect trains and engines against any known condition that may interfere with their safety. When conditions restrict visibility, regulate speed to ensure that crew members can observe and comply with signal indications. In unusually heavy rain, storm, or high water, trains and engines must approach bridges, culverts, and other potentially hazardous points prepared to stop. If they cannot proceed safely, they must stop until it is safe to resume movement (advise the train dispatcher of such conditions by the first available means of communication.)

Consider Speed 4.11 Crew members must consider train or engine speed, tonnage, grade conditions, and air gauge indications to determine that the train or engine is being handled safely and is under control. If necessary, take immediate action to bring the train or engine under control.

Emergency Stop 4.12 When a train or engine is stopped by an emergency application of the brakes while occupying the main track, or severe slack action occurs while stopping, take the following actions: If an adjacent main track or control siding may be obstructed, immediately:

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    Warn other trains by radio, stating the exact location and status of the train and

repeat as necessary.

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    Place lighted fusees on adjacent track.

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    Notify the train dispatcher or control operator as soon as possible.

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    All cars, engines, equipment, and tracks must be inspected.

Double Track to the Right 4.13 On double track, trains must keep to the right unless otherwise instructed according to timetable.

Against the Current 4.14 Movements against the current of traffic must be authorized by the proper authority, except as provided by Rule 4.9 (Yard Limits).


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