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Grand Scales General Code of Operating Rules First Edition January 1, 2007

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    insecure contents (including people)

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    signs of smoke or fire

Jointly Responsible 4.21 Conductors and engineers are jointly responsible for knowing and not exceeding the maximum authorized speed for their train. Speed restrictions must not be exceeded until the rear of the train clears the limits of the restriction.

Fouling Crossing 4.22 Under any of the following conditions, a movement must not foul a crossing equipped with automatic warning devices until the device has been operating long enough to provide warning and the crossing gates, if equipped, are fully lowered:

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    movement has stopped within 300 feet of the crossing,

  • -

    movement is within 300 feet of the crossing and speed has increased by more

than 3 miles per hour,

  • -

    movement is closely following another movement, or

  • -

    movement enters a main track or siding within 300 feet of the crossing.

Employees must observe all automatic warning devices and report any that are malfunctioning to the train dispatcher or proper authority by the first available means of communication. Notify all affected trains as soon as possible.

In the case of a malfunctioning crossing device, trains and engines must stop and flag the crossing.

Clearance from Crossing 4.23 Leave cars, engines, or equipment clear of road crossings and crossing signal circuits. When practical, avoid leaving cars, engines, or equipment standing closer than 50 feet from the road crossing when there is an adjacent track.

Stopped in tunnel 4.24 When an engine is stopped in a tunnel longer than 20 minutes and cannot move, crew members must:

  • -

    shut down diesel engine,

  • -

    shut down any generator-type engines,

  • -

    make a full-service airbrake application,

  • -

    apply handbrakes to prevent movement in case the airbrakes leak off.

  • -

    all persons exit the tunnel

The train dispatcher or proper authority should be notified immediately so that proper arrangements can be made to protect persons and equipment. These requirements will not apply if air currents carry the exhaust gasses away from the train. Safety of passengers and crew members must be the first consideration.


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