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Grand Scales General Code of Operating Rules First Edition January 1, 2007

6.0 Protection of trains

Emergency Protection 6.1 When a train makes an emergency stop, the train must be inspected before it is moved. No movement will be made until it is known that it is safe to do so. When a train stops on main track, and flag protection is required, a flagman must immediately go back at least 100 feet and place a red flag or fusee near the rail on the right side of the direction of travel. The flagman may then return one-half the distance to his train, and remain there until a train has stopped behind his train or he has been recalled to his own train. When recalled and safety to the train will permit, he may return bringing the flag with him. When required, a flagman must protect the front of the train in the same manner. A flagman must not permit other duties to interfere with the protection of the train. The conductor and engineer are responsible to see that flag protection is provided for the protection of the train when required. When a train requires protection, the engineer must immediately sound whistle signals requesting flag protection. The inability to hear these signals does not relieve crewmembers from protecting the train. After protecting the train, the train crew must contact the dispatcher or appropriate official to advise of location and situation delaying the train.

Protection in Bad Weather 6.2 Trains and engines must be protected against any known condition that may interfere with their safety. In case of unusually heavy rain, storm, or high water, trains and engines must approach bridges, culverts, and other points likely to be affected prepared to stop. If unable to proceed safely, movement must be stopped and not resumed until safe to do so. The train dispatcher must be advised of such conditions by the first available means of communication.


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