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Grand Scales General Code of Operating Rules First Edition January 1, 2007

8.14 Engines, cars, or equipment must not be detached and left standing entirely between the opposing interlocking signals that govern movements at a railroad crossing at grade.

Clear of Insulated Joints 8.15 A train, engine, car, or equipment left standing on sidings or other tracks must be clear of insulated joints or track sensors at clearance points.

Track Permit Authority 8.16 On tracks designated in the timetable, a track permit will authorize a train, track car, machine, or employee to occupy the main track or tracks between specific points. The track permit must be issued by a designated control operator, dispatcher, or proper authority. Within these limits, movements may be made in either direction according to signal indication. Limits designated by a switch extend only to the signal governing movement over the switch, unless otherwise designated. A train must obtain authority to pass a controlled signal displaying stop indication to enter track permit limits. Within track permit limits a train, after stopping, may pass a signal displaying stop indication at restricted speed without further authority, except when signal governs movement at an interlocking.

8.16.1 Issuing Track Permits The track permit may only be issued when:

  • -

    limits are clear.

  • -

    limits are occupied by the train, track car, machine, or employee

who will receive the track permit.

  • -

    limits are occupied by a train, track car, machine, or employee

holding a track permit. Or

  • -

    all trains moving on signal indication without a track permit have

passed the location where the track will be fouled.

The track permit limits must be protected by controlled signals. The designated control operator must know the following before issuing a track permit:

  • -

    each controlled signal protecting the limits displays a stop


  • -

    marking or blocking devices prevent displaying signals for

movement into the limits.

  • -

    the designated control operator and each control operator who

controls signals to protect the limits understand the limits, have provided protection, and have recorded the track permit on the prescribed form.

Track Permit Acknowledgement Track permit authority must be recorded and repeated to the control operator. Acknowledgement must be received before being acted upon.


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