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Grand Scales General Code of Operating Rules First Edition January 1, 2007

The control operator must maintain a record of the authority granted.

More Than One Track Permit If more than one track permit is in effect at any time within the same limits, all affected trains or employees must be notified.

Trains must move at restricted speed within the shared limits.

Clearing Track Permits 8.16.2Marking or blocking devices must not be changed or removed until the limits have been released to the control operator.

Track permit limits must be cleared and reported clear to the control operator before time expires. If the track permit is released before time expires, all equipment must be clear of the limits and reported clear to the designated control operator. However, if no other track permit has been granted within the same limits, the train may request release of the track permit. Signal indications will then govern the train is the control operator verbally authorizes the release, specifying direction of movement if required.

The employee must request any additional time before the authorized time has expired. If the employee is not clear when the time expires or if the control operator cannot be contacted, authority is extended until the control operator is contacted.

Employees reporting clear of track permit authority must state:

  • -

    Their name or other identification.

  • -

    Track permit number being released.

  • -

    Limits being released.


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