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Grand Scales General Code of Operating Rules First Edition January 1, 2007

9.0 General Regulations

All are Responsible 9.1 Both the conductor and engineer are responsible for safety of the train or engine and for observance of the rules. Under conditions not provided for by the rules, they must always take the safe course. This does not relieve other members of the train crew from their responsibility under the rules.

Trains in the Station 9.2 When a passenger train is receiving or discharging patrons, a train or engine must not pass unless proper safeguards are provided.

Proper Signal, then Move 9.3 In case of doubt or uncertainty, the safe course must be taken. An engine or train must not start movement before the proper signal is given.

Wear Your Glasses 9.4 Trainmen whose vision requires the use of glasses must wear them while on duty.

Good Etiquette 9.5 Civil, gentlemanly deportment is required of all trainmen in their dealings with the public and each other. Courtesy and attention to the public is demanded. Boisterous, profane, or vulgar language is forbidden. Trainmen are prohibited from entering into altercations with any person, regardless of provocation. They will make note of the facts, if necessary, and report to their supervisor. Horseplay, sparring, or any form of practical joking is forbidden while on duty.

Caring Attitude 9.6 Carelessness, negligence, and/or indifference in the performance of duties will not be condoned.

Loyal & Honest 9.7 Trainmen who are either disloyal, dishonest, insubordinate, incompetent, make false reports or statements, or conceal facts concerning matters under investigation, will be subject to dismissal.

Be on Time 9.8 Trainmen must report for duty at the designated time and place, attend to their duties during prescribed hours, and obey promptly instructions from the proper authority in matters pertaining to the respective branches of service. Employees must not absent themselves from duty, nor engage in other business, which may interfere with the full discharge of their duty to the railroad without proper authority.


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