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Grand Scales General Code of Operating Rules First Edition January 1, 2007

12.0 Conductors’ Responsibility

Protect Train & Passengers 12.1 The protection of trains and passengers is of the first and most importance; the conductor must not allow other duties to interfere therewith. The conductor must be stationed, where practicable, on the rear of every train while in motion.

One Team 12.2 When on duty, trainmen and fireman are subordinate to the conductors and engineers. Conductors and engineers must see that their subordinates are familiar with their duties, ascertain the extent of their experience and knowledge, and instruct them in the proper and safe performance of their work. When the conductor is not present, trainmen must promptly obey the instructions of the engineer.

Passenger Comfort 12.3 Conductors must give particular attention to the safety and comfort of their passengers.

Passenger Behavior 12.4 Conductors must not allow drunken or disorderly persons to get on their train nor permit obscene, profane, or other ungentlemanly language, damage to railroad property, or other misconduct on his train.

Lost & Found 12.5 Articles found on the train must be delivered to a person authorized to receive them at terminals.

Making up Trains 12.6 The conductor is responsible for the make-up of the train’s consist and if changes are to be made in consist, and make necessary train movements. In addition:

  • -

    inspect couplers, air hoses, wheels, brake rigging, and safety appliances.

  • -

    apply the proper rear-end markers.

  • -

    arrange loading steps and ramps.

Brake Test 12.7 The conductor will assist and direct the proper brake test prior to the train’s departure, and after any change in consist.

All crewmembers should always remember to check all handbrakes to make sure they are released prior to the departure of every train, regardless of who did or did not set the brakes.


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