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Grand Scales General Code of Operating Rules First Edition January 1, 2007

13.0 Regulations for Enginemen

Diligent Engineer 13.1 Enginemen must always be diligent in all matters pertaining to safety and while moving, must keep a close lookout for all signals and watch for instructions and defects in track and right-of-way. Firemen, when possible, must assist in keeping a close lookout and must instantly give notice to the engineer of any signals and any indications of obstructions or danger at all times, on or off duty.

The engineer must ensure that the locomotive is ready and available for service. If a locomotive is not ready at that time, an alternate locomotive must be substituted.

Frequent Inspection 13.2 At stations and other stops of sufficient duration, when practicable, the engineer of the locomotive must make an inspection thereof from the ground, giving particular attention to the locomotive running gear, trucks, and brake rigging.

Walk-Around Inspection 13.3 Where locomotives are being serviced, they must not be moved until hose connections are removed and it is ascertained that trainmen servicing equipment are in a safe location. Check for Blue Flags.

Moving Equipment 13.4 A train must not be moved until the proper signal is given from the train crew and engineer has sounded the proper whistle signals. Great care must be exercised in moving to avoid injury to guests or others by a sudden or unexpected movement of the train.

Completed Brake Test 13.5 The engineer is co-responsible to see that a complete train brake test is performed on a newly-assembled train and after any change in train consist.

Sufficient Fuel and Water 13.6 The engineer must know that the locomotive is furnished with sufficient fuel, water, lubricating oil, and sand for service.

Firing Appliances 13.7 The engineer must know that all firing appliances are in proper condition, and available for service.

Lubed and Inspected 13.8 The engineer must see to it that all points requiring lubrication are supplied with adequate oil or grease, and that injectors, lubricators, and cylinder cocks are operating


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