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Grand Scales General Code of Operating Rules First Edition January 1, 2007

Protecting Men or Equipment 16.6Men or equipment may receive a track warrant in the same manner as trains to occupy or perform maintenance on the main track without other protection.

A track warrant must not be issued to protect men or equipment within the same or overlapping limits with a train, unless all trains authorized are notified of the men or equipment and have been instructed by track warrants to move at restricted speed within overlapping limits. When station name(s) designate the overlapping limits, refer to Rule 16.2 (Designated Limits) for limits where trains are required to move at restricted speed. Also, a track warrant must inform the employee in charge of men or equipment about the trains. If the track is not safe for trains to move at restricted speed, the employee must protect the track with red flags accordingly.

Movement Against the Current of Traffic 16.7 When a track warrant authorizes a train to move against the current of traffic, the train must use only the track designated within the specified limits. This train must not allow a train following on the same track to pass, unless the train dispatcher instructs it to pass.

Reporting Clear Limits 16.8A train without a crewmember on the rear and operating in non-signaled or double track territory may report clear of limits, report having passed a specific location, or release the track between two specific locations only when it is known the train is complete. This must be determined by one of the following ways:

  • -

    the rear of the train has a rear-end telemetry device, and air pressure on the head-

end device indicates brake pipe continuity.

  • -

    an employee verifies the marker is on the rear of the train.

  • -

    a crewmember can observe the rear of the train on which the marker is placed.

  • -

    the train is stopped, and an inspection verifies that the marker is on the rear of the


  • -

    a trackside warning detector transmits an axle count for the train, and the axle

count duplicates the axle count transmitted by the previous trackside warning detector.

Track Warrant Requests 16.9An employee who requests a track warrant must inform the train dispatcher what movements will be made and, when necessary, which tracks will be used and how much time is required.


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