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Grand Scales General Code of Operating Rules First Edition January 1, 2007

Track Warrant in Effect 16.11 A track warrant is in effect until a crewmember reports the train has cleared the limits, or the track warrant is made void. The crewmember must inform the train dispatcher when the train has cleared the limits. Before a train reports clear of a track warrant, the track warrant is made void or a portion of track warrant limits are released, a crewmember must restore hand-operated main track switches to normal position unless relieved by track warrant.

Employees reporting clear of track warrant limits must state:

  • -

    their name or other identification

  • -

    track warrant number being released

  • -

    limits being released

In non-signaled territory or double track ABS territory (outside of yard limits), a crewmember will job brief with the train dispatcher about the position of main track switches within the limits being released.

Time Limit Shown

If the track warrant shows a time limit, the train must clear the limits by the time specified, unless another track warrant is obtained. If the crew members cannot contact the train dispatcher and time limits expire, authority is extended until the train dispatcher can be contacted.

Changing Track Warrants 16.12 Employees must not add to or alter the track warrant in any manner.

When the limits or instructions of a track warrant must be changed, a new track warrant must be issued, showing, “TRACK WARRANT NUMBER____________IS VOID” and the number of the track warrant being changed. When a track warrant of a previous date is voided, the date must be included. The previous track warrant will no longer be in effect.

Voiding Track Warrants 16.13 A crewmember must write “VOID” across each copy of the track warrant when the train has reported clear of the limits or the track warrant has been made void.


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