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Grand Scales General Code of Operating Rules First Edition January 1, 2007

17.0 Track Bulletin Rules

Track Bulletins 17.1 Track Bulletins must not be changed. The train dispatcher or proper authority will issue track bulletins as required. Track bulletins will contain information on all conditions that affect safe train or engine movement. Forms A and B may be used when necessary.

Receipt and Comparison of Track Bulletins The train crew must receive a track warrant at their initial station unless otherwise instructed by the train dispatcher. All track bulletins that affect their train’s movement must be listed on the track warrant, unless the track warrant shows “NONE” or “NO.” The train crew must have a copy of all track bulletins listed and other instructions required. Each crew member must read and understand them.

All crew members are responsible for complying with the requirements of track bulletins and reminding each other of those requirements.

All crew members must check the date and “OK” time on the track warrant and if the track warrant is over four hours old, contact the train dispatcher or proper authority and determine if additional track bulletins are needed.

Protection by Track Bulletin Form B 17.2 A crew member must attempt to contact the employee in charge of a track bulletin Form B by radio, to avoid delay before entering the limits, giving the train’s location and track being used.

While trains are within the limits during the time stated in track bulletin Form B, they must move at restricted speed until leading wheels have cleared the limits, unless instructed otherwise by employee in charge as stated in item A (verbal permission).

A. Verbal Permission

When granting verbal permission, begin the communication using the following

words: “Foreman (name and/or Gang No.) _ _ _ _ _ _ u s i n g t r a c k b u l l e t i n N o . _ _ _ _ _ _ (and/or Line No._____) between MP ______ and MP ______ (specifying subdivision when necessary).”

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    To permit a train to pass a red flag (or red light) without stopping, add the

following: “(Train) may pass red flag (or red light) located at MP stopping (specifying track when necessary).”




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