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Grand Scales General Code of Operating Rules First Edition January 1, 2007

After permission, the train may pass the red flag (or red light) at restricted speed without stopping.

Protection When Tracks are Moved from Service 17.3 Before a track is removed from service it must be protected.

A track bulletin may protect tracks removed from service by designating the track and naming the points at each end of the track. Trains must not use this track, unless the track bulletin states the name or title of an employee who may authorize use, and this person directs all movement. Movements must be made at restricted speed.

Proper authorization must also be received to pass an absolute signal displaying a stop indication to enter the out-of-service track.

When required, the train dispatcher must advise crews of alternate routes and switch positions.

Protection When Tracks Blocked With Equipment 17.4 Notify the train dispatcher or proper authority when main tracks, sidings, or other tracks that are normally clear are blocked with equipment and cannot be cleared.

Change of General Order, Special Instruction, or Rule 17.5 When authorized by the proper authority, a track bulletin may be used to issue, change, or cancel general orders, special instructions, or rules.

Copying Track Bulletins 17.6 The train crew must have a copy of track bulletins issued to their train, and each crew member must read and understand them. The copy must show the date, location, and name of the employee who copied it. The following must occur when track bulletins are transmitted verbally:

  • -

    an employee will enter all the information on the track bulletin.

  • -

    the employee will repeat the information to the train dispatcher.

  • -

    the train dispatcher will check it and, if correct, will say “OK” and give the time

and his initials.

  • -

    the employee will enter the “OK” time and the train dispatcher’s initials on the

track bulletin and repeat them to the train dispatcher. Employees may relay track bulletins.

Retaining Track Bulletins 17.7 Employees must keep and comply with track bulletins during their tour of duty.

Relief of Train Crew During Trip 17.8 When a train crew is relieved before a trip is finished, they must deliver all track warrants, track bulletins, and instructions to the relieving train crew.


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