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Before the Installation Norton AntiVirus Users: Disable Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect before installing CDS.

1. From the desktop, click the Start button, point to Programs, Norton AntiVirus, and then click Norton AntiVirus.

  • 2.

    Select Options and then click the Auto-Protect tab.

  • 3.

    Clear the checkmark next to the Load Auto-Protect at Startup option and then click the OK button.

  • 4.

    Click the Yes button when prompted to unload Auto-Protect.

  • 5.

    Exit Norton AntiVirus.


This procedure installs the Adaptive Server Anywhere and CDS client files on the workstation. This must be performed at each workstation that will access CDS on the network. E-Z Data, Inc. recommends that CDS be installed on one workstation initially and that all agency databases and users be created on that workstation before installing CDS on the other workstations.

  • 1.

    Close any Windows applications that are currently running, including any suite products. To open the Task List, press the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys. Select and then click the End Task button for each task except Explorer and Systray.

  • 2.

    From the Taskbar, click the Start button and then select Run.

  • 3.

    Click Browse to open the Browse dialog box. Select the network drive where CDS is installed from the drop-down menu in the Look in: dialog box.

  • 4.

    Double-click the Cdswin.svr folder to open it.

  • 5.

    Double-click the Wssetup folder to open it and then double-click the Setup icon to close the Browse dialog box.

  • 6.

    From the Run dialog box, click the OK button in the Run dialog box to start the Setup program.

  • 7.

    After reading the Welcome message, click the Next button to continue.

8. When prompted, review the Software License Agreement. If the terms are acceptable, click the Yes button to continue.


If Adaptive Server Anywhere has already been installed on the workstation, Steps 8-11 will be omitted.

  • 9.

    A message box will indicate that Adaptive Server Anywhere 7.0 needs to be installed before running the CDS installation. Click the Yes button to start the installation program for Adaptive Server Anywhere.

  • 10.

    From the next step, click the Next button to accept the default directories where Adaptive Server Anywhere 7.0 components will be installed.

  • 11.

    When the ASA installation is complete, click the Finish button to continue with the CDS installation.

  • 12.

    From the Choose Client Data System Directory dialog box, click the Next button to accept the default Destination Directory (C:\Program Files\CDSWin).

  • 13.

    In the Select Program Folder dialog box, click the Next button to accept the default Program Folder (Client Data System).

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