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Using EZConfig

E-Z Data, Inc. developed EZConfig to assist with troubleshooting connectivity problems between the workstation and the server.

Database File: Logical location of the database file on the server. In this example, F: is the drive letter mapped to the server from the workstation.

Data Source: The name of the database being used.

Server Path: Physical location of the database file on the server. In this example, C: is the drive letter where the database file is located on the server.

Select Button: Click on this button to locate and select the correct database.

Server: This name identifies the database server.

Network Protocol: The communication protocol used on your network.

Drive Map: Click this button to check or correct the physical and logical path to the database.

Select Button: Used only with TCP/IP, click on this button to enter the server's IP address. Use the following format; {DOBROADCAST=NO;HOST=[server IP address]}

Check: Click on this button to check for a valid path and connection to the database.

Using EZConfig to Configure the Data Source

  • 1.

    From the Taskbar, click the Start button, point to Programs, Client Data System, and then click the EZConfig icon.

  • 2.

    In the E-Z Data's Data Source Configuration dialog box, select the Data source name (name of the database being used) from the drop-down list.

  • 3.

    Make certain that the Client box is selected.

4. Use the following instructions to complete the configuration: Database File

The Database File box shows the complete path name for the database. If it is not correct, use the selection button to locate the correct path name.


The default Server name is EZDATA. The letters must be all UPPERCASE. The Server name may be different if other Sybase applications are running or if the default name was not used during the original Sybase software installation.

Client Data System® v4.3 - Installation Guide for Workstations Revised: 10-11-04 Page 16

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