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Network Installation

The Installation of a CDS Workstation on a Network is not complicated but does require some technical knowledge and attention to detail. The first part of the process is to follow the procedures in this guide to install Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 7.0 and the CDS program on the server.

The second part of the process is to follow the platform-specific procedures in the Installation Guide for Servers to install the client software at each workstation.

For peer-to-peer networks, where there is a non-dedicated server (i.e., the server computer is also used as a workstation), the server will have a directory for the Network installation of CDS and a different directory for the Client installation of CDS.

Network Expertise

The Installation requires as much as two hours to set up the server and the first workstation. The individual responsible for this installation should be competent in the following areas:

  • Each Windows operating system supported by CDS that will be used (Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server)

  • Network protocols

  • All of the configuration details for the computers that will be used on the CDS network

  • User Rights – To install and use CDS on a workstation, the user needs administrative rights to the local machine. Users also need full access rights to the Shared folder on the server machine.

If an individual with this experience is not available, consider hiring a consultant to handle the installation. This is not a procedure for novices. E-Z Data personnel can provide telephone-consultation regarding network issues at the standard rate of $75 per hour. Please contact the E-Z Data Sales department for details or to arrange for a consultation appointment.

Once the initial installation is performed for the server, the setup process for each workstation is relatively quick. The files for the installation are available on the server so each user can perform the installation from his/her workstation without needing to pass around the CD-ROM.

Client Data System® v4.3 - Installation Guide for Workstations Revised: 10-11-04 Page 2

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