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Workstation Setup

The Setup wizard copies CDS program files from the file server to the workstation. In addition, files are created that enable each workstation to find the CDS databases and other data on the file server. Workstation users make the following selections:

  • Select a local directory where CDS will be installed (C:\Program Files\CDSWin)

  • Select the name of the Program Group (Client Data System)

At the end of the installation process, each user confirms any modifications to system files or the registry (the path to the Adaptive Server Anywhere program is added, etc.).

The Program Group CDS Icon

Double-click this icon to start Client Data System. This icon can also be used to create a Shortcut on the Windows desktops.

CDS Help Icons

Select one of these icons to start any of the CDS Help systems. The files can be viewed without running CDS.

DBUtil Icon

The DBUtil icon provides access to three general-purpose database utilities: Database Validate, Backup Database and Database Rebuild.

The Database Validate utility is used before backing up a database to verify the integrity of a database’s structure.

A comprehensive backup of valuable CDS data is essential for data protection. Use the Backup Database utility with high quality storage media and up-to-date antivirus software to protect the databases.

After downloading, importing, or making numerous database changes, the database index should be rebuilt. Use the Rebuild Database option on a regular basis.

EZConfig Icon Use this utility for troubleshooting connectivity problems between a workstation and the server. ODBC Administrator Icon

E-Z Data, Inc. recommends only using this utility with the guidance of E-Z Data (or Microsoft) Technical Support staff. This Data Sources utility is a Microsoft product.

Client Data System® v4.3 - Installation Guide for Workstations Revised: 10-11-04 Page 4

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