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Sample Specifications for Rosco Subfloor System – - page 5 / 8





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      • f.

        All Medium Density Fiberboard to be homogenous domestically sourced hardwood based and domestically manufactured.

      • g.

        All materials to be warehoused within prescribed humidity requirements of the manufacturer.

      • h.

        Customizing Panels are cut on site at installation to fit to 4” from all walls.

      • i.

        At wall, 2” x 4” domestically sourced fir blocking to be laid on the flat and secured to the supporting slab floor with powder actuated pins or other appropriate hardware.

      • j.

        Top surface of Customizing Panel to be cut on site to fit and secured to sleeper layer, blocking and Subfloor panels with coarse threaded wood screws on 6” centers.

    • 3.

      As needed, ADA Compliant Rosco Subfloor System ramps are to be installed on 1 ½” high-site installed blocking.

    • 4.

      Subfloor to be kept back from all walls by ½

    • 5.

      Subfloor Performance must comply with ESTA E1-26 (2006) performance standards.

  • C.

    Finish Floor:

    • 1.

      Vinyl: Rosco Laboratories: “Dance Floor” vinyl flooring, 1.3 mm thickness, anchored to subfloor with double sided tape and all joints chemically welded with tetrahydrofuran sealer.

  • D.

    Base: Vented cove as specified below.

F. Total thickness of Subfloor and finish floor: 2 1/8”

    • 2.5


      • A.

        Vapor Retarder: ASTM D 4397, polyethylene sheet not less than 6 mils thick.

      • B.

        Resilient Wall Base: Molded, vented, rubber or vinyl cove base; 4 by 3 by 48

inches; with premolded outside corners.

  • 1.

    Color: As selected by Architect

    • C.

      Thresholds: As specified in Division 8 Section “Door Hardware”

    • D.

      Fasteners: Type and size recommend by manufacturer, but not less than those

recommended by MFMA for application indicated.

E. Trowelable Leveling and Patching Compound: Latex-modified, hydraulic- cement-based formulation approved by dance floor manufacturer

Specialty Dance / Performance Floor Assemblies

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