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4th Quarter 2013


Welcome All!

It is the end of 2013 and many are hastily getting ready for 2014 and the challenges it will present; while some are still reminiscing about the past. Our industry still continues to be a driving force in the overall economy, and we here at Eastern, have grown and experienced many changes over the past year. In 2013, Eastern has brought on board a new product line. Please review the Flowback Services in the News Letter today.

Because of great relationships with our customer accounts and providing dependable services at competi- tive prices, Eastern continues to move forward. We certainly don’t take things for granted but are apprecia- tive and very thankful for our accounts and their business in-trusted to Eastern. Fishing & Rental Services have been and still remain the core business of Eastern. With your support, we will continue to strive to be the very best we can. May God lead you in this New Year and give you wisdom daily. May we take a mo- ment to thank you, our customers, for your past support and we hope for a prosperous New Year for all!

New Product Line EFR Flowback Division:

Eastern is proud to introduce a new product line that was started based on my previous oilfield experiences. Hav- ing had ownership of Flarestack Inc and Production Well Testers Inc, which are companies established in the early 1980’s and sold to what is now known as Expro Group (Flarestack, Inc) and Tetra Technologies (Production Well Testers Inc), provides extensive knowledge of our new product line. Both are publicly traded companies. The pros for using EFR on your next flowback include the following: · We have zero gas discharge on our new system. This system allows you to route all of your wellbore gas to a flare that is connected to our flowback system. · We have installed safety devices to protect against any flare back due to a well going on vacuum. · We also have ESD valves and remote shutdowns installed on our system that allow an operator or service tech to shut well in remotely. · We have zero discharge of fluids into pits or on ground due to a 400BBL flowback sealed tank. · Once you see the video of our system in work, you will be amazed at the simple installation. It takes less than 3 hours to move in, set up, and test lines. · We have the safest and most cost efficient system in our industry.

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