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IAB Video Ad Serving Template (VAST)

Additional Recommendations

In addition to the XML ad response standard detailed above, two optional recommendations have been identified to assist in the successful delivery of video ads:

1. A set of key-value pairs that can be added to the ad tag request in order to reduce errors resulting from incorrect ad responses.

For example, if a publisher only wishes to receive Windows Media-formatted video ads or wants to receive ads of certain duration, an ad serving vendor may wish to define the ad tag in such a way as to only provide ads with those specifications. Because the syntax of ad tags differs significantly between ad servers, this is an optional, recommended aspect of the project and not a formal requirement. This recommendation is included in this document as Appendix A.

2. A method of communication between the ad itself and the Video player in which it is displayed.

This communication is important because both Linear and Non-Linear video ads can be interactive, and such user interaction will generally affect the activity of the Video player. For example, when a user clicks on an overlay ad the user may be presented with more information about the advertiser, while the video content is expected to pause. Currently, each publisher and technology vendor has implemented this type of communication in a non- standardized way, resulting in additional work for all parties when bringing campaigns live. This standard will be published by the IAB in a separate document or an amendment to this document.

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