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Title: Reading Fiction - Twilight Description: Grades 7-9 Time Required: Public: Grade Level

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Established Goals

What relevant goals (content standards) will this unit address? SOL 8.5 :

The student will read and analyze a variety of narrative and poetic forms.

  • a)

    Explain the use of symbols and figurative language.

  • b)

    Describe inferred main ideas or themes, using evidence from the text as support.

  • c)

    Describe how authors use characters, conflict, point of view, and tone to create meaning.

  • d)

    Compare and contrast the use of the poetic elements of word choice, dialogue, form, rhyme, rhythm,

and voice.


Compare and contrast authors’ styles.

Understandings What are the big ideas? What specific understandings about them are desired? Students will understand that novelists often provide insights about human experience through fictional means. Writers use a variety of techniques to engage readers. Students will understand the importance of foreshadowing as a literary technique used by authors. Students will be able to compare and contrast traits of genre specific literature.

Essential Questions What provocative questions will foster inquiry, understandings, and transfer of learning? How does a character's actions give insight to his or her personality? How does the author's use of relationships impact conflict and plot development? How does history and historical evens help shape humanity? What does it mean to be human vs what does it mean to be a monster? –How can we define humanity? Knowledge and Skills What key knowledge will students acquire as a result of this unit? What should they eventually be able to do as a result of such knowledge and skill? Students will know....

The plot, characters, and conflict of Twilight. Historical events effect characters. The impact of history on literature The ability of literature to explore themes and conflicts present in everyday life.

Students will be able to....

Describe how the relationship between Edward and Bella develops. Identify the plot, characters, and conflicts from the novel. Apply and interpret reading strategies. Explain how what a person does, says, and thinks reveals characterization. Describe how a character changes in a story, and what causes those changes.

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