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Assessment Evidence What evidence will be collected to determine whether or not the understandings have been developed, the knowledge and skill attained, and the state standards met? [Anchor the work in performance tasks that involve application, supplemented as needed by prompted work, quizzes, observations, etc.] Performance Tasks Through what authentic performance tasks will students demonstrate the desired understandings?

By what criteria will performances of understanding be judged? Twilight Project Menu (See attachment).

Other Evidence Through what other evidence (quizzes, tests, observations, writing assignments, homework) will students demonstrate achievement of the desired results? How will students reflect upon

and self-assess their learning? Response Journal (see attachment). Reading Fiction Vocabulary Test (See attachment) Reading Comprehension Quizzes

Learning Plan Learning Activities

What learning experiences and instruction will enable students to achieve the desired results? Comprehension Packet (See attachment). Hook - Students will create lists of mythological creatures and their characteristics. The class will have a discussion concerning the similarities between these “creatures” and their similarities to the average human. The teacher may also want to give a pre-assessment concerning the elements of gothic literature. Read/ Discuss Novel Plot Diagram graphic organizer (See attachment) Judge a Book by its Cover (See attachment). Twilight Soundtrack (See attachment) Twilight Tonight Talk Show – (See attachment) Reading Fiction / Comparing Two Stories (See attachment) – This may be done in correspondence with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or Romeo and Juliet. One of these works should be read by the students in correspondence with Twilight or shortly after. Who Am I? Characterization (See attachment). Characterization by the Numbers (See attachment). Literature Circles (See attachment). Other ideas: *Students could create a Twilight inspired yearbook- Students design the yearbook using publisher, which will contain pictures and write-ups of school events both featured in the book and alluded to. The yearbook could have student profiles where the students would explore Meyer’s use of characterization. *Research Paper- students can pick a major event that occurred during Edward’s natural lifetime and write a paper exploring and explaining the event, as well as how it might have contributed to the beliefs and ways in which Edward acts. *Students can create commercials that would tie into the novel – example Anti-Vampire spray…etc.

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