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__________________________________ Twilight Project

Directions: Pick assignments from the chart below to complete by _____________________. Your project must equal at least 50 points. You may do more for extra credit. These will be graded, please turn in quality work. You may work in groups for the video taped projects only. There will be no class time to complete these assignments. All work should be colorful, neat, and completed at home. Make sure you check with an adult before using household items.

Research popular myths about vampires. Make a poster that outlines these myths in detail. Please provide references.

15 points

Create a board game surrounding the events in the novel Twilight. Be sure to include events from the book.

25 points

List 3 suspenseful events or scenes from the story. Which characters were involved in each one? Why is each one suspenseful? You should write two paragraphs for each scene.

Make a collage of stories that follow the gothic tradition OR stories mentioned in the novel (i.e Pride and Prejudice.) This collage should contain both written and visual summaries of these stories.

15 points Research: Write a 5 paragraph Paper about Forks, Washington. Include information such as: How far is it from Suffolk? What is the population? What are some of the city’s tourist attractions? You must include a paragraph that discusses why this place (setting) is crucial to the plot of Twilight

25 points

Design a new front and back cover for Twilight. Include a brief overview of the book that will “sell’ it to readers.

30 points Create a puppet or doll of a character from Twilight. Use items that you find in your home.

15 points Create an Acrostic poem using the book title: Twilight. This should be information about what happened in the story, not your personal opinions. Each line must contain at least four words.

25 points Make a character collage. Cut words and pictures from magazines and newspapers that will describe a character from the novel. Be sure to include the character’s name.

Create a three dimensional model of a particular scene from the novel.

50 points

25 points

Create a timeline of at least 7 key events that happened in Twilight.

10 points

Make a movie poster advertising the release of the new movie Twilight. Be sure to include a brief overview of the story, the names of key characters and the actors who will play them. Also include an illustration of an important scene from the story. May not copy the actual movie

10 points

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