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Reader Response Journal

Due Date: __________________________________________

Directions: (One quote and response per page- Four pages total)

1. Choose one passage from either the short story or the chapter you are reading.

2. Copy the lines out of the book, place them in quotation marks, and cite the page number for the passage.

3. Respond to the passage in your own words, using one of the reader response roles listed below.

4. Your response is to be a minimum of 1 page.

Reader Response Roles: Use one of the following reader’s response roles to reflect to the passage you selected.

  • Straight Talker: Speak directly to a character and "give your two cents' worth". If you could stop the action at a particular point, what would you say?

  • Judge: Evaluate an action or a decision by a character or characters. Do you feel a wise or a poor decision has been made? Why? What decision would you prefer to have been made? Why?

  • Memory Keeper: Perhaps you remember a similar experience from your own life, about a time when you kept something secret and because of that secret, events began "to snowball." Describe that experience; explain how it relates to the story.

  • Artist: What visual images come to mind as you read the story? Draw those images. Write also what your visual image means or represents in the story.

  • Palm Reader: What has occurred that you consider foreshadowing? What do you believe will occur in the future? Why?

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