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ANNOUNCEMENTS, such as class changes, will be posted on bulletin boards in the Student Union Building and Living Learning Center. Please consult them daily.

NAVS’ INFORMATION DESK is in the Student Union Building.

SUMMERFEST SESSIONS will be held in the following locations:

Classes, lectures, workshops

  • Student Union Building: Cambria Room

  • Living Learning Center: Heritage Hall A and B, University Room, Campus Room, Scholars Room, President’s Room

  • Blackington Hall: Auditorium 138

Plenary presentations

  • Cambria Room, Student

Union Building

  • Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center

Food Demonstrations

  • Heritage Hall C, Living Learning Center

Morning Yoga University Room, Living Learning Center

Exercise classes

  • Terrace Room, Living Learning Center

  • University Room, Living

Learning Center

  • Outside as designated

Children’s Center

  • Laurel Hall Lower Lounge

Youth Activities

  • Biddle Hall room 208, 210, and Laurel Hall Lounge. See separate Children/Youth Program for activities

Evening social activities

  • Student Union Building: Cambria Room

  • Heritage Hall, Living Learning Center

  • Adirondack Shelter

Videos Student Union Building: Blue & Gold Room

THE NAVS BOOKSTORE will be located in the Allegheny Room in the Student Union. Exhibits will be in the Student Union Main Lobby. MEALS will be served Wednesday lunch through Sunday lunch in the cafeteria on the Student Union 2nd floor. Meals will be served at the following times: Breakfast: 7:30 – 8:30 AM Lunch: 12.30 – 1:30 PM Dinner: 5:30 – 6:30 PM Farewell Dinner: 5:30-7 PM

We’re sorry, food and beverages may NOT be taken out of the dining hall.

Meals are prepared by the Food Service of the University of Pittsburgh at Johns-town, under the direction of gold-medal winning vegan chef Ken Bergeron with guidance from NAVS. All food and meal related questions should be directed to NAVS staff members Muriel Golde and Zinnia Konviser at the (signed) NAVS table, and not to the University’s food service personnel.

MEAL TICKETS are required to enter the cafeteria. Treat them as you would cash. There is a charge to replace lost tickets.

SINGLES have designated tables at meals for those who are interested in meeting other singles. Also, see singles bulletin board in Student Union. Singles activities /events are open to ALL adult singles, regardless of age, sexual orientation, ableness, ethnic or religious persuasion.

SUMMERFEST BADGES must be worn for admission to all sessions.

SWIMMING / FITNESS: Zamias Aquatic Center pool hours: Weekdays: 10 AM–5 PM (times may vary, always check in advance for any changes

  • dial hotline: 2002)

Sat./ Sun: 1PM–4 PM Living Learning Fitness Center offers 24-hour-a-day use of weight training machines and cardiovascular equipment.





MARIBETH ABRAMS (CT) associate editor of Vegetarian Voice; a founder of Delicious Adventures of Westport, a video production company; host of Tofu 1-2-3 (video/dvd); cooking class instructor; mother of two vegan children

CAROL J. ADAMS (TX) author of The Sexual Politics of Meat, The Pornography of Meat, Living Among Meat Eaters: The Vegetarian Survival Guide; Help! My Child Stopped Eating Meat!, The Inner Art of Vegetarianism, Prayers For Animals and a first-of-a-kind series of children's prayers for animals

PHILIP D. ALLAMONG, ND (PA) board certified traditional Naturopath; certified massage therapist & Tai Chi instructor; Reiki Master Practitioner;Yang Long Form Tai Chi Practitioner; founder/pres. Lancaster Veg. Society

STEVEN BAER (MA) vegan scientist, engineer and futurist; founding member of the Peace Abbey’s Mass Action for Animals, an association of animal advocates involved in the peace, environmental and spiritual communities; animal correspondent for Worcester’s In City Times; political activist for animals and social justice

CINDY BALL (NC) formed Puppet Revolution, with her husband Lee J and 5 year old son Spencer, to perform original puppet shows dedicated to saving the world; formally trained artist, writer and educator

LEE J. BALL (NC) formed Puppet Revolution, with his wife Cindy and 5 year old son Spencer, to perform original puppet shows dedicated to saving the world; professionally trained naturalist and environmental educator; currently seeking his doctorate in Sustainability Education

CHIP BALLEW (MO) leader Veg. Club Ozarks; entertains/teaches juggling, flip stix, top & bubble tricks & other toys/games; longtime vegan animal advocate

CAROLE BARAL, MS (NY) certified integral yoga instructor for over 25 years; NAVS board member

GENE BAUSTON (NY) co-founder and president of Farm Sanctuary; conducted hundreds of visits to farms, stockyards, and slaughterhouses to document conditions; testified before state and federal legislative bodies, and has initiated groundbreaking legal enforcement and judicial action to prevent farm animal abuse

BEVERLY LYNN BENNETT (OR) organic vegan chef; creator and host of veganchef.com; “Dairy-Free Desserts” columnist for VegNews Magazine; instructor for PCRM’s Cancer Project Food for Life” cooking series; author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegan Living, and Eat Your Veggies!

KEN BERGERON (CT) International Culinary Olympics gold medal-winning chef; culinary instructor & catering consultant; author, Professional Vegetarian Cooking

RYNN BERRY (NY) NAVS historical advisor; author of Food for The Gods: Vegetarianism and the World’s Religions; Famous Vegetarians and Their Favorite Recipes, and Hitler: Neither Vegetarian Nor Animal Lover

JOHN BOLUS (FL) America’s sole instructor, Chinese Wand Exercise; ranked 1st in his state’s 5k races for 65-69 age group, 5th in Nat’l Sr. Olympics; professional keyboard musician, performs at top clubs, including the Ritz Carlton; has CD, Naples Medleys, a collection of easy listening standards




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