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6:45—7:30 AM Meet in front of Owen Library Leisurely Bird and Wildflower Walk —Led by Robert Victor

President's Room The Facts About Animal Experimentation and How You Can Make a Difference —Michael Budkie





T H U R S D AY, J U LY 6




Guide to Summerfest, Announcements

  • Carole Baral

2006: The Year in Review (Top Stories gleaned from Erik’s Diner podcast -important news you may have missed and Erik’s spin on the year’s most significant stories.

  • Erik Marcus (15 min)

The World Peace Diet – Vegetarian Activism and World Peace – How we can build and live an authentic consciousness of peace.

  • Will Tuttle (20 min)

Deciding What’s for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner has Enormous Consequences

  • T. Colin Campbell, PhD (30 min)

How Anyone Can Get Involved in Improving School Lunches

  • Amie Hamlin (5 min)

Nature Wants to Nourish Us

  • George Eisman, RD (10 min)

9 PM GET ACQUAINTED PARTY Cambria Room Time to have fun, meet other attendees and dance to music provided by JukeBox Express. Refreshments available.

9:40—11:00 PM EVENING SKY WATCHING Parking Lot West Of Biddle Hall

  • Led by Robert Victor

(See separate schedule at NAVS Info Desk for details)

10 PM SINGLES GET TOGETHER Chaser’s Lounge Student Union Includes basic introductions with an emphasis on fun & getting to know each other. We’ll build a safe community of friends based on trust. Followed by optional stroll around campus.

  • Led by Karen Schiltz and Nicole Fordyce

6—6:40 AM EXERCISE Meet in front of Owen Library Heavy Hands Exercise Session (10 min) followed by a Group Run/Jog (easy pace—approx. 3 mi.) —John Bolus

6—7:30 AM YOGA University Room (You may want to bring a blanket or towel)

  • Carole Baral

6:15—7:15 AM EXERCISE Meet at the soccer field Boot Camp: Sports and Conditioning for all Fitness Levels —John Pierrel

6:45—7:15 AM EXERCISE Lobby Living Learning Center Chinese Wand Exercise: This Ancient Practice is Stimulating, Gentle & Safe (You may want to bring a towel or blanket)

  • John Bolus

8:45—9:45 AM Heritage Hall A Spice it Up: For Flavor and Nutrition (Part 1): Medicinal and Nutritional Aspects of Herbs and Spices —Jill Nussinow, MS, RD

Heritage Hall B Kiss Yo-Yo Diets and Fat Goodbye– Forever —Leslie Van Romer, DC

University Room World Peace and the Role of Dietary Habits —Will Tuttle,PhD

Campus Room Presenting Successful Culinary Presentations —Cherie Soria

Scholars Room The Real DaVinci Code: Can this code and history be Decoded to Show that Leonardo DaVinci and Jesus were Ethical Vegetarians

  • Rynn Berry

10 AM—10 PM REGISTRATION Living Learning Center

2—2:35 PM ORIENTATION Heritage Hall A Guidance for all Vegetarian Summerfest “first-timers” and attendees who are new to vegetarianism

  • Led by Jennie Kerwood

and Maribeth Abrams

2—4:55 PM FILMFEST Blue/Gold Room Student Union Vegan Gal (80 min.) Earthlings (Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix

  • -

    95 min.)

2:45—3:45 PM Heritage Hall A Basic Nutrition for Vegetarians, Vegans, and Everyone Else —George Eisman, RD

Heritage Hall B Getting Physical, Not Brutal

  • Leslie Van Romer, DC

University Room Ten Things to Jazz Up Your Cooking (Erik shares his kitchen secrets: top-ten ingredients and kitchen accessories)

  • Erik Marcus

Campus Room How to Write a Cookbook

  • Fran Costigan

Terrace Room/LLC EXERCISE: Total Body Toning) (Low impact cardio toning with bands & stretching) —Nicole Fordyce

4—4:30 PM EXERCISE Terrace Room/LLC Chinese Wand Exercise: This Ancient Practice is Stimulating, Gentle & Safe (You may want to bring a towel or blanket)

  • John Bolus

4—5 PM Heritage Hall A How to Avoid American’s Biggest Eating Mistakes —Bob LeRo , RD, MS, EdM

Heritage Hall B How To Promote Animal Rights (Why animal rights cannot be promoted effectively through compassion, animal welfare, veganism, animal liberation, abolitionism, or ecosystem protection without explicit animal rights education)

  • David Cantor

University Room A History of Veganism in the US (Learn “how it all vegan”–to coin a phrase–from Donald Watson’s invention of the term in 1944 to its becoming one of today’s trendi- est lifestyles) —Rynn Berry

Campus Room From Pharmaceutical Rep to Vegan Activist (One woman’s journey, starting as an employee of a multinational pharmaceutical company and how that led her to become a vegan activist)

  • JoAnn Farb

5:10 PM GUIDED CAMPUS TOUR Meet outside front door Living Learning Center Here’s your chance to find out how to get to all the buildings you'll be using during the conference —Sue Speck (Tour Guide)

SINGLES VOLLEYBALL GAME Volleyball Net (south side of Engineering & Science Bldg.)

7:15 PM OPENING PLENARY SESSION Cambria Room Student Union

Piano Prelude–Solos performed by Sarina Farb & Will Tuttle

The North American Vegetarian Society Welcomes You

  • President Jennie Kerwood

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