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T H U R S D AY, J U LY 6

10—11 AM Heritage Hall A Stop Cancer Before It Starts (Lifestyle strategies boost the bodies defense system against cancer. Learn how to harness the power of diet, exercise and stress management) —Paulette Chandler, MD

Heritage Hall B Introduction to Common Edible Wild Plants (Including a walk outdoors: weather permitting) —George Eisman, RD

University Room Getting Through to People Without Creating Defensiveness (Food is personal, and oftentimes people get very defensive about changing their diets. Learn what has worked and what hasn't)

  • Amie Hamlin

Campus Room Health, Conservation, Peace and a Humane Future (How to promote long- term well-being by insisting that governments and schools cooperate in restoring natural boundaries between people and animals)

  • David Cantor

Scholars Room Digital (Vegan) Photography: How to Get the Most Out of Your Digital Camer

  • Randall Collura, PhD

10—12 NOON FOOD DEMONSTRATION Heritage Hall C Four Ingredient Wonders: Fabulous Fare with Few Ingredients —Maribeth Abrams

11:10—12:10 PM Heritage Hall A The Common Thread: Connecting with Others through Listening (Misperceptions, beliefs, and biases can sabotage our ability to listen well. Prevent misunderstandings and weave deeper connections by learning to listen without judging and assuming) —Jo Stepaniak

Heritage Hall B Maintain Your Brain: Nutritional and Lifestyle Strategies to Enhance Cognitive Functioning —John Pierre

University Room Food, Allergies & Auto-Immune Diseases

  • Bob LeRoy, RD, MS, EdM

Campus Room Creating Veg-Friendly Ballparks and Restaurants (How to make everyone's experience more enjoyable with vegetarian food options) —Scott Geiger

Scholars Room Trading Away Our Right to Protect Animals —Michael Greger, MD

1:45—2:45 PM Heritage Hall A Ten Ways to Improve a Vegetarian/Vegan Diet

  • Mark Rifkin, MS, RD, LDN

Heritage Hall B Are Humans Designed to Eat Meat

  • 2006 (Part I) —Milton Mills, MDE

University Room The Healing Kitchen: Part One: Tips to Setting Up and Maintaining an Organized, Ecologically Friendly, Nurturing Space in Which Creating Nutritious Meals Will be Pleasant —Fran Costigan

Campus Room How to GO Vegetarian

  • Michael Greger, MD

Scholars Room Using “Natural Learning Rhythms” Philosophy to Support Our Children in Moving Towards a Healthy Plant-Based Diet (Learn to enhance your relationships with your children and be better able to guide them to make healthy dietary changes) —JoAnn Farb




2—4 PM FOOD DEMONSTRATION Heritage Hall C Mushrooms: Cooking with a (Fun Guy)

  • Ken Bergeron

3—4 PM Heritage Hall A How Convincing is the Scientific Evidence for Plant-Based Diets?

  • T. Colin Campbell, PhD

Heritage Hall B Plant Based vs. Animal Based Agriculture: Sustainable Farming in the 21st Century

  • Harold Brown

University Room Home Safe Home: How to Safeguard Your Health, Companion Animals, and the Environment (Many common chemical products found in the home contain hazardous ingredients that can be harmful to people, companion animals, and the environment. Learn how to responsibly and safely purchase, use, store, and dispose of these products and make nontoxic versions at home) —Michael Stepaniak

Campus Room Overcoming Isolation and Anger (Vegetarians often feel alienated from society at large. Fortunately, there are simple strategies that can lead towards overcoming these negative emotions)

  • Erik Marcus

Scholars Room Keeping Cool When the Room's In Flames: Structuring the Non-violent Animal Rights Message (How to successfully bring the vegetarian/vegan message home to others that adamantly defend their "carnist" ways)

  • Steven Baer

Meet in front of Owen Library Introduction to Juggling (Adults)

  • Meghan Kelly

4:10—5:10 PM Heritage Hall A Why Raw Foods? —Dan Ladermann



Heritage Hall B The Dessert Dilemma: Does Dessert Have a Place in a Healthy Diet? (Let's talk about natural sweeteners, chocolate, fair-trade, and more) —Fran Costigan

University Room Using Self Hypnosis to Control Weight or to Overcome Addictions and Bad Habits —Jerry Cook

Campus Room Teaching Vegetarian Nutrition to Others

  • George Eisman, RD

Scholars Room Vegan Nutrition Basics for New Vegetarians (Includes a protein primer)

  • Myriam Parham, RD, LD, DLN, CDE

Chaser s Lounge Student Union SINGLES GET TOGETHER Would you like to know what your fellow singles are thinking? Come participate or just observe. Lively discussion of topics pertinent to living veg & single in today’s world

  • Led by Karen Schiltz & Nicole Fordyce

Meet at the Soccer Field YOUTH ACTIVITY Soccer Camp for All Kids (Skills and conditioning drills—any age—parents welcome) —John Pierre

7:15 PM PLENARY Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center

Musical Prelude —Vance Lehmkuhl

Draw-a-long: THE MEATLESS PLATE: How do you fill it? —Vance Lehmkuhl (20 min)

Nuts and Bolts Reality of Nutritional Strategies for Preventing and Arresting Coronary Artery Disease

  • Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD (30 min)

Practicing Compassion Through Thoughts, Words and Actions

  • John Pierre (20 min)

How Anyone Can Get Involved in Improving School Foods: The Federal Wellness Policy Requires Community Participation —Amie Hamlin (5 min)


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