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8:45—9:45 AM PLENARY Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center

Food Power, You Power

  • Leslie Van Romer, DC (20 min)

How Violent Food Choices Fuel a Violent World

  • Gene Bauston (20 min)

Bird Flu: a Virus of Our Own Hatching

  • Michael Greger, MD (15 min)

9:55—10:55 AM Heritage Hall A Diet Fads Fantasies and Facts: What Really Works and Why?

  • Jeff Novick, MS, RD, LD

Heritage Hall B Spice it Up: For Flavor and Nutrition (Part II): Culinary Uses of Herbs and Spices

  • Jill Nussinow, MS, RD

University Room The Truth About Poultry and Egg Production

  • Karen Davis, PhD

Campus Room Basic Nutrition for Vegetarians, Vegans, and Everyone Else —George Eisman, RD

Scholars Room The Healing Kitchen: Part II: Creating 30 Minute (and under) Nutritious Meals from Pantry Staples (Come prepared to have fun, think outside the box and co-create deli- cious meal ideas using what we have in our organized kitchen) —Fran Costigan

President s Room Veg Solutions to Global Hunger (Examines the benefits of plant-based diets for global food security and the negative consequences of meat on global hunger, especially for women in less developed countries. Why you should care and what you can do to help) —Dawn Moncrief

Board Room Effective Advocacy (Do you ever wish you were more persuasive when talking to friends and family about vegetarianism? Learn strategies and tips for making the case against animal agriculture) —Erik Marcus

Meet in front of LLC TAI CHI BALL (Improves balance and concentration and is particularly good for developing Qi (internal energy) Easy to learn (All ages) —Phil Allamong, ND

10—12 NOON FOOD DEMONSTRATION Heritage Hall C Saucy Southwest Summer Meal

  • Ann Gentry

11:15—12:15 PM Heritage Hall A Bird Flu: Surviving the Pandemic

  • Michael Greger, MD

Heritage Hall B Meat Eating and the Biology of Disgust

  • Milton Mills, MD

University Room What is Happening on the Farm.

  • Howard Lyman

Campus Room The Honoring of Our Whole Yummy, Vegetarian Selves! (Integrating the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Spiritual and Earth Bodies) —Syndee L’ome Eartheart

Scholars Room Defining "Vegetarianism" for Vegetarian Societies —Lee Hall, JD

President s Room Issues in Raising Vegan Children (Panel)

  • Maribeth Abrams (moderator) Cindy Ball,

JoAnn Farb and Amie Hamlin

SINGLES VOLLEYBALL GAME Volleyball Net (south side of Engineering & Science Bldg.)




1:45—2:50 PM PLENARY Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center

Announcements (5 min)

The Truth Behind the Labels: “Humane,” “Organic,” “Natural,” and “Free Range”

  • Karen Davis, PhD (20 min.)

Diet and Brain Function

  • Milton Mills, MD (20 min)

We’ve All Heard “I Used to be a Vegetarian” (or Vegan): Why do Some People Take a “Backwards” Step? How do We Respond?

  • Rae Sikora (15 min)

2—3 PM YOUTH ACTIVITY Meet at the Soccer Field Soccer Camp for All Kids (Skills and conditioning drills – any age – parents welcome) —John Pierre

2—4 PM FOOD DEMONSTRATION Heritage Hall C I Can’t Believe It’s Raw!

  • Cherie Soria

3—4 PM Heritage Hall A Diabetes: Diet & Lifestyle Changes to Treat and Cure Diabetes (Part II) Eating Plans (Includes food tasting)

  • Milton Mills, MD & Roberta Schiff

Heritage Hall B The Straight Skinny on Osteoporosis

  • Leslie Van Romer, DC

University Room Living Among Meat Eaters: Essential Information for Surviving and Thriving

  • Carol J. Adams

Campus Room School Foods 101: (Learn how the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs work, the financial issues, and the regulations in relation to the cafeteria, and the non-cafeteria food issues including fundraising, vending machines, school stores, class parties, the use of food as rewards, and more)

  • Amie Hamlin



Scholars Room Rise and Fall of Industrial Agriculture

  • Gene Bauston

President s Room Holistic Living and Healing: Balanced Living, Diet, Exercise, Spirituality and the Their Roles in Disease Prevention / Reversal

  • Dr. Barbara Ellicott

Board Room ALIGNING OUR LIVES WITH OUR VALUES Nutrition as a Career: It's Time to Apply Your Passions to Your Profession

  • Mark Rifkin, MS, RD, LDN

EXERCISE Total Body Toning Terrace Room / LLC (Low impact cardio toning with bands & stretching —Nicole Fordyce

4:15—5:15 PM Heritage Hall A WHEN A MAN LOVES A BURGER: Dealing with the Macho/Meat Mystique

  • (Panel) Vance Lehmkuhl (moderator) Carol J. Adams, Dan Piraro & Ashley Lou Smith

Heritage Hall B Navigating Nutrition Labels on Food Products - How to Read Between the Lines (and which Lines to Ignore)

  • George Eisman, RD

University Room What LDL-Cholesterol, Homocysteine & C-Reactive-Protein Measures in the Blood Mean, & Using Food & Lifestyle Choices to Control Them —Bob LeRoy, RD, MS, EdM

Campus Room Getting Published! Taking Your Cookbook from Concept to Print Do you have a cookbook sprouting inside of you? Seasoned book editor and best-selling author Jo Stepaniak shares a banquet of knowledge and answers your questions.


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