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line is the filter that is designed to get rid of this noise. Notice how they track with each other. Yours should look like this:

Figure 9- Continuous Noise Filter does its job

If you have jumped ahead again and clicked on Preview, there will be no lunch for you today. First, we’ve got to explain those little blue dots on the filter line. Notice how the blue line is above the red noise sample? The higher the blue filter line, the more filtering occurs at that frequency. The blue dots are called Control Points and allow you to manually adjust the amount of filtering for frequency components in the vicinity of the control point. We’re going to do that in a second, but the Help file contains all the complete info on this filter.

Before we click on Preview, we need to again select the whole file so we’ll hear the whole thing and not just our ½ second noise sample that is now selected. To select the whole file, jusdouble click anywhere in the waveform display. Notice how the whole thing gets highlighted in yellow. Now, go ahead and click on Preview.

Listen to the audio. The clicks are gone. The rumble is gone and the hiss is gone! Well, not quite. You can still hear a bit of hiss can’t you? While Previewing, click the bypass button a few times to take the filter in an out of the signal path. Yes, the hiss is reduced, but there is still some of it there. Let’s adjust this filter to get rid of all of the hiss.

Make sure your bypass button is NOT checked and make sure you are previewing the audio. Now grab the 4nd control point from the right side and move it up a bit as shown below.

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