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Figure 10- Tackling the remaining hiss

It’s like magic, isn’t it? The hiss completely goes away because you told the filter to be a bit more aggressive on the high frequencies. Remember, moving the blue line up makes it filter more. Now stop the preview, click on Run filter, and close the Continuous Noise filter.

You now have a Destination file that is completely restored. To finish, click on File/Make Destination the Source, accept the file name and you’re done. This file is the completed version and all others can be deleted or saved if you want each processing step before and after the saved file. You can now exit the program or close the files using the commands under the File Menu.

What you’ve learned in this guide In this quick Step by Step guide, you’ve learned how to launch the program, how to select filters, how to preview them, how to bypass them, how to load and save presets, what are Source and Destination files, how to apply multiple filters to a single file, how various filters work and much more. Not bad for a few minutes! Next, we’ll give you a more advanced Step by Step in which you get to use the most powerful feature of MILLENNIUM, the MultiFilter.

Advanced Record Restoration Step By Step Guide You learned a lot in the last Step-by-Step Guide, so let’s continue by restoring this same file using a completely different approach. This will show you the flexibility and power of MILLENNIUM and will introduce you to our powerful MultiFilter. We’ll assume you’ve done the Basic Guide above and are therefore comfortable with the basic functions of the program so we will take this at a little faster pace. As before, the actions are expected to perform will be in Bold type. Let’s get started!

Now open the Demo1 Wave file in the same way we did before.

Now click on Filter and choose MultiFilter. Double click anywhere in the waveform display to select the entire file for processing or left click and drag to select a segment of the file. Notice how MILLENNIUM allows you to select an area or the entire file while the filter windows are open. This is a very handy feature.

The MultiFilter is one of the most powerful features of MILLENNIUM. It allows you to string together several filters and preview or apply them sequentially or all at once. This saves a lot of time and makes it possible for users to create some incredibly sophisticated filter setups.

Notice that the MultiFilter has an input on the left side and an output on the right side. Between the input and output is a signal path. You can drag any filter you want into this signal path. At this time, remove any filters that are in the signal path by clicking on them and dragging them out of the signal path.

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