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Remember when we did the Basic Step by Step Guide above, we used three filters; the Expert Impulsive noise filter for clicks, the High Pass filter for rumble and the Continuous Noise filter for the hiss. Drag these three filters into the signal path with the Expert Impulse filter on the left side followed by the High Pass filter and then the Continuous Noise filter on the rightmost side. Now double click on the Impulse filter icon in the signal path of the MultiFilter. Your screen should look something like this:

Figure 11- Working with the MultiFilter

To open the individual settings for any filter in the MultiFilter signal path, just double click it and make your settings. For the Impulse filter, drop the preset box and choose “Demo Audio Wave file Declick”. You could preview and adjust while listening here, of course, but we’ve already got some good settings available as a preset. Close the Impulse filter window.

Now Double click on the High pass filter and select the “Demo Audio Wave file De-Rumble” preset. Close the High Pass filter window when done.

Lastly, open the Continuous Noise filter and choose the “Demo Audio Wave file DeNoise” preset. Close the window. We used these presets only because they are available. You can always choose any preset or you can set the filters yourself by just previewing as we did in the Basic Step by Step guide.

Note: Each individual filter can be previewed even in the MultiFilter by clicking its individual preview button..

Now we have three filters strung together. Click the Preview button in the MultiFilter window. The Multifilter preview button allows you to hear ALL the filters being applied at once. You will hear the audio being filtered by all three of these filters. Click the Bypass button a few times to marvel at what is happening here. Feel free to giggle and then cancel the preview.

Now we’re going to add a fourth filter. Drag the Paragrahic EQ into the signal path and put it last in line (on the rightmost side). Double click the Paragraphic EQ to open its adjustment window. Click on the Reset Level button in the Paragraphic EQ to make it flat. Now click on the MultiFilter Preview button. You may have to move the Paragraphic out of the way to access this button. You are now hearing the audio filtered thru 4 filters. Make sure the Bypass button is not checked. While the preview is happening, find the blue control point in the Paragraphic EQ which is close to 110Hz. You can see this on the horizontal scale on the bottom of the EQ adjustment area. Move this up to increase the bass frequencies in our old recording. The more you move it up, the more low frequencies you get. It should look like this:

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