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Figure 12- Using the Paragraphic EQ

You should notice that you are applying all four filters at once and you are adjusting one of them. The results of your adjustments are instantly heard while all the filters are being applied. Cancel the preview, run the filter, Make Destination the Source.

What you’ve learned in this Advanced Step by Step Guide

You now know how to use multiple filters at once and how to Preview all or any of them. You also now know how to follow our instructions and you are now fully oriented with DC Millennium and should be able to record in your own audio and clean it up as we did here.

While DC Millennium is a very powerful program and you’ll find it addictive – in a positive way, of course. Many users get DC Millennium with the idea of restoring a few treasured records in their collection, but then get “the bug” and pick up a few hundred more records at a yard sale. If you find you really enjoy restoring old audio, you should consider upgrading to the big brother of DC Millennium – DC5. This program has a gigantic number of additional features, is faster and is even easier. It even comes with a 380 page printed manual. Upgrades from DC Millennium to DC5 are available. Just call Tracer at 717-764-9240 to get the latest version of DC5.

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