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You work with MILLENNIUM by choosing filters to apply to audio. Some of the filters remove noise and others enhance the audio though they are all referred to in this guide as filters. You choose a filter by identifying the type of noise you want to remove and then selecting the filter that removes that type of noise. Make sense so far, right?

In just about every case when clicks and pops are present, we want to remove them first. Trust us, this is the right first step whenever you get clicks and pops on records or other recordings.

To remove the clicks, we’ll choose the Impulse filter. Clicks are short noise impulses so it makes sense to use this filter. To choose the filter, click on the Filter menu item and choose the-Impulse Noise Filter. You’ll see the filter open like this:

Figure 4- The Impulse Filter Appears

Note that the filter takes up only a portion of the screen. You can still see part of the waveform and all the menus and icons. You can move this filter window around on your screen and position it wherever you want. Just grab the title bar at the top of the filter window and drag it around. Try it now.

Now let’s focus on the filter itself. Just about EVERY filter in MILLENNIUM will work the way this one does. Once you learn this one filter, you’ll be able to use them all! Because of this, we’re going to cover this filter in great detail. Be sure and follow along.

Figure 5- The EZ Impulse Noise Filter

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