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January 2010

  • speCiaL reviews in ornitHoLogy


an extinct moa species using high-throughput () sequence data. BioTechniques :–. B, W., P. T, M. J. E,  J. R. . New generation sequencers as a tool for genotyping of highly poly- morphic multilocus Mhc system. Molecular Ecology Resources

  • :–.

B, A., D. S. DL, Y. Z, C. S, K. B,

  • W.

    A. P, N. W, R. S,  J. E. C-

    • 

      . . Comparison of the transcriptomes of American

chestnut (Castanea dentata) and Chinese chestnut (Castanea mollissima) in response to the chestnut blight infection. BMC Plant Biology :. B, G., R. H, B. H, D. G, D. S, E. A. T,  H. A. E. . High-resolution, high-throughput HLA genotyping by next-generation sequenc- ing. Tissue Antigens :–. B, J., M. T. P. G, J. P. B, F. P, C. B-

  • 

    , R. N,  E. W. . e use of coded

PCR primers enables high-throughput sequencing of multiple homolog amplification products by  parallel sequencing. PLoS One :. B, I. L., N. H, K. E. A, J. P. D, J. P. B, J. L,  J. E. S. . Whole genome sequencing of a natural recombinant oxoplasma gondii strain reveals chromosome sorting and local allelic variants. Genome Biology :R. B, I., B. H, E. K,  S. R. Q. . Sequence information can be obtained from single DNA mol- ecules. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA

  • 


B, S., M. J, J. B, G. G, D. H. L,

  • D.

    J, S. L, S. MC, M. F, M. E, 

    • 

      . . Gene expression analysis by massively parallel

signature sequencing (MPSS) on microbead arrays. Nature Bio- technology :–. B, A. W., J. M. G, R. E. G, J. K, T. M, U. S, C. L-F, P. R, D. B, Ž. K,  . . Targeted retrieval and analysis of five Neandertal mtDNA genomes. Science :–. B, D. W.,  S. J. W. . Avian genomics in the st cen- tury. Cytogenetic and Genome Research :–. C-F, D. L., S. C, E. C. H, G. P, J. D. E, N. A. M, P.-L. Q, T. B, M. H, D. M. G,  . . A metagenomic survey of microbes in honeybee colony collapse disorder. Science :–. D, B. E., R. K,  S. N. J. . Analysis of Australian fur seal diet by pyrosequencing prey DNA in faeces. Molecular Ecology :–. D, R., G. C, C. E. K, K. B, M. K, C. S,

  • P.

    S, D. R. G, P. M, G. Z,  .

    • 

      . Out of America: Ancient DNA evidence for a New World

origin of late Quaternary woolly mammoths. Current Biology

  • 


E, R. A., B. R-B, L. W, M. H,

  • M.

    B, D. M. P, M. O. S, S. A,

  • E.

    C. A, J.,  F. R. . Using pyrose-

quencing to shed light on deep mine microbial ecology. BMC Genomics :.

E, J., A. F, J. G, K. L, J. L, G. O, P. P, D. R, P. B, B. B,  . . Real- time DNA sequencing from single polymerase molecules. Science

  • 


F, R. C., C. E. MI,  C. L. T. . Evolution on a volcanic conveyor belt: Using phylogeographic reconstruc- tions and K-Ar-based ages of the Hawaiian islands to estimate molecular evolutionary rates. Molecular Ecology :– F, R. C., E. A. P, K. M, E. E. S,

  • 

    C. M. W. . Phylogeography of the Asian ele-

phant (Elephas maximus) based on mitochondrial DNA. Evolu- tion :–. G, A. Y., A. L. K, A. L. G, Y. F,

  • S.

    M, S. P, A. B, N. P, S. C,

  • J.

    L. DR,  . . Experimental induction of

proventricular dilatation disease in cockatiels (Nymphicus hol- landicus) inoculated with brain homogenates containing avian bornavirus . Virology Journal :. G K C  S. . Genome K: A proposal to obtain whole-genome sequence for   vertebrate species. Journal of Heredity :–. G, M. T. P., J. B, W. M, C. W, E. W-

  • 

    , H. P, J. E. C, J. H. L-M, 

    • S.

      C. S. . Recharacterization of ancient DNA mis-

coding lesions: Insights in the era of sequencing-by-synthesis. Nucleic Acids Research :–. G, M. T. P., D. I. D, A. M. L, S. Y. W. H, J. Q,

  • A.

    R, C.-H. H, A. S, L. D, A. G,

    •  

      . . Intraspecific phylogenetic analysis of Sibe-

rian woolly mammoths using complete mitochondrial genomes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA :–

  • 


G, J., W. Z, J. B, D. T, G. H, G. R. M, I. N, L. M, P. D. S, G. M. R. D,  .

  • 

    . Precise determination of the diversity of a combinatorial

antibody library gives insight into the human immunoglobulin repertoire. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA

  • 


H, S. J., R. T. K, S. R, R. C. K. B, E. L. B, M. J. B, J. L. C, W. A. C, K.-L. H, J. H,  . . A phylogenomic study of birds reveals their evolutionary history. Science :–. H, S. K., K. G. H, X. Q, H. J, S. Y-

  • 

    , E. O. M, J., Y. S, T. M. W, R. M.

F, Y. L,  . . Subtle genetic changes enhance virulence of methicillin resistant and sensitive Staphylo- coccus aureus. BMC Microbiology :. H, E., M. R, Z. X, A. B, D. B. G-

  • 

    , L. B, W. R. MC,  G. J. H.

  • 

    . Hybrid selection of discrete genomic intervals on custom-

designed microarrays for massively parallel sequencing. Nature Protocols :–. H, D., B. H,  M. B. . Simple, sensitive, and swift sequencing of complete HN avian influenza virus genomes. Journal of Clinical Microbiology :–. H, M. E. . Sequencing breakthroughs for genomic ecol- ogy and evolutionary biology. Molecular Ecology Resources

  • :–.

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