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January 2010

  • speCiaL reviews in ornitHoLogy


R, A., B. L. W, N. K,  S. B. C. . Genome-scale approaches to resolving incongruence in molecu- lar phylogenies. Nature :–. R, M. N., E. M. T, M. L. H, W. S. M, L. G. C, M. L. K, E. M. S M, C. A. O, T. R, K. C. J,  . . e value of avian genomics to the conservation of wildlife. BMC Genomics  Sup- plement :S. R, M., M. U,  P. N. . A sequencing method based on real-time pyrophosphate. Science :–

  • 


S, Q. C., M. P. A. C, E. T. S, O. X. M-

  • 

    , G. N. A. H, M. J. W,  B. D. W-

  • 

    . . Microsatellite discovery by deep sequencing of

enriched genomic libraries. BioTechniques :–. S, C. J., M. R, O. R, V. M, M. H-

  • 

    , J. G, S. MG, E. M,  L. D.

S. . Gallus GBrowse: A unified genomic database for the chicken. Nucleic Acids Research :D–D. S, J.,  H. J. . Next-generation DNA sequencing. Nature Biotechnology :–. S, J., G. J. P, N. B. R, X. L, J. P. MC-

  • 

    , A. M. R, M. D. W, K. Z, R. D. M,

  • 

    G. M. C. . Accurate multiplex polony sequenc-

ing of an evolved bacterial genome. Science :–. S, M. L., H. G. M, J. A. H, D. M. W, S. M. H, P. R. N, J. M. A,  G. J. H. . Microbial diversity in the deep sea and the underexplored “rare biosphere.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA :–. S, E. M., A. V, E. C, C. M, L. G,

  • C.

    B, A. K. B, J. H. S, R. A. I,

  • N.

    G. Y,  P. T. . Analysing diet of small

herbivores: e efficiency of DNA barcoding coupled with high- throughput pyrosequencing for deciphering the composition of complex plant mixtures. Frontiers in Zoology :. S, S. J.,  C. A. R. . Sequence determination of a mildly virulent strain (CU-) of Gallid herpesvirus type  using

  • 

    pyrosequencing. Virus Genes :–.

S, M., M. K, U. S, M. H,  M. M. . Direct multiplex sequencing (DMPS)—A novel method for targeted high-throughput sequencing of ancient and highly degraded DNA. Genome Research :–. S, D., H. W, B. H, Y. C, N. S,

  • C.

    F. S, M. S. C, P. F. S,  M. B.

    • 

      . Microarray-based multicycle-enrichment of genomic

subsets for targeted next-generation sequencing. Genome Research :–.

  • 

    B, J. R.,  W. W. G. . Keeping up with the next generation: Massively parallel sequencing in clinical diag- nostics. Journal of Molecular Diagnostics :–.

T, T. T., M. M, B. O,  C. S-

  • 

    . . Gene expression profiling by massively parallel

sequencing. Genome Research :–. T, A. L., K. V, T. C. N, F. E. M, S. K. H, D. A. W, J. F. S, M. E, J. H. H, M. E. H,  G. E. R. . Wasp gene expression supports an evolutionary link between maternal behavior and eusociality. Science :–. V T, C. P., T. P. L. S, L. K. M, J. F. T-

  • 

    , R. D. S, C. T. L, C. D. H,

    • S.

      S. M, W. C. W,  T. S. S. . SNP

discovery and allele frequency estimation by deep sequencing of reduced representation libraries. Nature Methods :–. V, R. K., S. N. N, G. D. M,  S. A. J.

  • 

    . Next-generation sequencing technologies and their impli-

cations for crop genetics and breeding. Trends in Biotechnology

  • 


V, V., S. B. N, E. H. T, J. S,  S. H. H.

  • 

    . Next generation sequence analysis for mitochondrial dis-

orders. Genome Medicine :. V, J. C., C. W. W, H. W. F, M. J. F, D. L. C, I. H,  J. H. M. . Rapid transcriptome characterization for a nonmodel organism using

  • 

    pyrosequencing. Molecular Ecology :–.

W, A. P., K. L. W, K. C, C. W,  J. B. O. . Sampling the Arabidopsis transcriptome with massively parallel pyrosequencing. Plant Physiology :–. W, E., M. T. P. G, J. B, S. Y. W. H, P. F. C, A. R, L. P. T, R. R.  F, A. S, T. V. K,  . . Analysis of complete mito- chondrial genomes from extinct and extant rhinoceroses reveals lack of phylogenetic resolution. BMC Evolutionary Biology :. W, R. W., J. A. K, B. N. B, C. E. O’L, S. M. L, J. J. T, A. M. D, P. B, N. L-

  • 

    , C. L. T,  . . Major his-

tocompatibility complex genotyping with massively parallel pyrosequencing. Nature Medicine :–. Z, D. J.,  D. M. H. . Increased taxon sampling greatly reduces phylogenetic error. Systematic Biology :–.

Received  November  , accepted  December .

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