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Section IV: Regulatory and Inspection Processes

Overview OCFS believes that preparing New York’s children to succeed in school and life starts with providing quality early care and learning opportunities in programs offering child care services. Social Services Law Section 390 requires that OCFS regulate a variety of child care programs: day care centers, small day care centers, school-age child care

programs, family day care homes, and group family day care requires OCFS to establish state standards for supervision, health and age-appropriate programming and materials.




and safety, training,

Additionally, Social Services Law Section 410-x(3) requires OCFS to establish in regulation minimum health and safety requirements that must be met by providers that are not required to be licensed or registered and that are caring for children receiving a child care subsidy, hereafter referred to as legally-exempt child care providers. OCFS has contracted with legally-exempt caregiver enrollment agencies to enroll legally- exempt child care providers who care for children receiving a child care subsidy.

The OCFS Division of Child Care Services operates seven regional offices with staff responsible for the regulation and monitoring of approximately 18,000 child care programs statewide. OCFS is responsible for licensing of day care centers outside of New York City. It also is responsible for licensing of all group family day care homes statewide, and the registration of all family day care homes and school-age child care programs statewide. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is

responsible for the licensing and monitoring of approximately

New with day

York other care

City. Further, OCFS enters into a memorandum of

organizations (known as registrars) to perform homes and school-age child care programs.

the In

2,000 day care centers in understanding or contract function to register family 2008, OFCS established

memoranda of understanding with 31 social services districts, which other agencies to function as registrars, and four social services functioned as registrars; and contracted directly with two agencies registrars.

contracted with districts, which to function as

The number of child care providers by modality of care as of December 2008 (including New York City day care centers) is as follows:

  • 3,984 day care centers (capacity: 259,539 children)

  • 7,735 family day care homes (capacity: 59,413 children)

  • 6,344 group family day care homes (capacity: 87,525 children)

  • 2,546 school-age child care programs (capacity: 225,945 children)

  • Total: 20,609 regulated providers (capacity: 632,422 children)

Under CCBG, it is the parents’ responsibility to choose their own child care arrangements from among eligible providers. In FFY 2007-2008, over 212,000 children received child care subsidies funded under CCBG. Of these:


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