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Diabetes and alternative medicines

by David Clark Community Wellness Co-ordinator OWEN SOUND-GREY/BRUCE

People who have diabetes need to be aware of the effects of al- ternative medicines (i.e., vita- mins, herbals) and the impact on their health; such was the message of Dragana Skokovic- Sunjic, a pharmacist and herbal consultant with Dell Pharmacy. The webinar, presented on May 19th by the Canadian Diabetes Association through the Ontario Telemedicine Network, was most interesting and eye-opening.

We tend to think of “natural” as being “safe”, but vitamins and herbs can block the effects of other medications and insulin. Some herbs, such as milk thistle, bitter melon, and banaba, can benefit people with diabetes. In

all cases, check with a doctor and pharmacist regarding inter- actions with other medications, and possible negative impacts

Do you live in the Owen Sound-Grey-Bruce area?

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Volunteer Driver?

on overall health. Taking too much (over-dosing) of some vi- tamins, such as B12, can cause liver damage.

The bottom line is that “nat- ural does not equal safe”. Ensure that any natural product is regu- lated by Health Canada and look for the natural product number (NPN), DIN, or HM-DIN num- bers. A pharmacist can supply additional information for prod- ucts with these numbers.

A re-broadcast is available on the webcast.otn.ca website. Check out the website for Dell Pharmacy for more information about natural health products.

www.dellpharmacy.com Click on “specialized services”, then “herbal consulting” for more information.

Health and Community

Community Healing and Wellness Program in Owen Sound-Grey-Bruce

by David Clark Community Wellness Co-ordinator OWEN SOUND-GREY/BRUCE

P lanning is well underway for events and activities under the Community Healing and Wellness Pro- gram in Owen Sound- Grey-Bruce. Workshops for this year include: Emotional Health; Diabetes; FASD Prevention; Stress Management; Physical Health; Spiritual Health; Nutri- tion at Different Life Stages; Physical Fitness at Different Life Stages; Heart Health; Elder Abuse; Caregiver Fatigue; Com- munication Skills; Traditional Parenting Skills; Mental Health; Health Promotion and Métis Culture; Cancer; Bereavement; Osteoporosis; Métis Identity: Self Awareness and Wellness

Workshop; Journaling for Well- ness; Alcoholism; Family Fun Day and Literacy Promotion; Summer Canoeing event; Win- ter Snowshoeing event.

Some event dates are con- firmed, others are tentative, and subject to change. Most work- shops include refreshments and require pre-registration. Some events will be held in communi- ties outside of Owen Sound. If you can assist in identifying communities and locations to hold workshops, please contact me. If you want to be added to the e-mail list for these work- shops, please contact me:

David Clark Community Healing and Wellness 380 9th St. E., Owen Sound, ON Tel: 519-370-0435 DavidC@metisnation.org

The Owen Sound-based Community Healing and Wellness Coordinator and the Long-Term Care/Aging At Home Coordinator based in the Midland offices, are looking for individuals who would like to become volunteer drivers to assist citizens attend medical appointments. Mileage expense is reimbursed, and some meals are covered, depending on the time away.

Are you looking for a ride to a medical appointment? If you are looking for travel assistance to attend medical appointments, or other services related to helping you live as independently as possible, we might be able to assist.

To find out more about becoming a volunteer driver, to request travel assistance, or other long-term care assistance, please contact us:

  • JULY

Saturday: Canoe Roots, date and time to be determined Tuesday 26th: Learn the Ba- sics of Journaling, 6:00 P.M., includes a light meal (sand- wiches and salad).


David I. M. Clark Community Healing and Wellness Coordinator, Owen Sound-Grey-Bruce, DavidC@metisnation.org Telephone: (519) 370-0435 Visit the office at 380 9th Street East, Owen Sound (calling ahead is a good idea).

Debbie Ferris-Giammattolla Long-Term Care/Aging at Home Coordinator MNO Healing and Wellness Branch DebbieF@metisnation.org Telephone: (705) 526-6335 ext 204 or Natalie Noonan at extension 213. 355 Cranston Crescent, Midland

Saturday 6th: Rendezvous, Owen Sound Community Healing and Wellness Pro- gramme will be participating in Métis Days at Discovery Harbour (with Midland), Penetanguishene 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

As always, a visit to the Métis Nation of Ontario’s website is a good starting point for additional information: www.metisnation.org (Look under “Programs and Service” then “Healing & Wellness”.)


Wednesday 7th: Health Promotion and Métis Health

Night (evening), includes sandwiches and salad. Saturday 17th: Nutrition and Physical Fitness at Different Stages of Life Saturday 24th: Fall Harvest Feast


Tuesday 4th: Communication Skills Wednesday 14th: Caregiver Fatigue (evening) Thursday 20th: Osteoporosis Workshop, learn what osteoporosis is (One in four women and one in eight men who are over 50 years of age have it) and how to prevent it.

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Contest sponsored by the Royal Botanical Gardens www.rbg.ca

(day time) Thursday 15th:

ii Sports

Thursday 27th: Traditional Parenting Skills (day time)


Wednesday 2nd: Diabetes Day at the Mall, Heritage Place Mall Saturday 19th: Family Fun and Literacy Day, Owen Sound North Grey Union Public Library, 824 1st Ave. W.


Wednesday 7th: Stress Management - Get ready for the Holidays: learn what trig- gers stress, and how to man- age it. (evening)


Wednesday 11th: Spiritual Health (evening) Tuesday 17th: Bereavement (day time) Saturday 21st: Impressions of Our Ancestors, time and place tbd Thursday 26th: Cancer (evening)


Thursday 9th: Heart Health/Physical Health Tuesday 21st: Emotional Health (day time)


Thursday 8th: Elder Abuse, signs to watch for, how to prevent it (evening) Tuesday 13th: Alcoholism, issues and impacts (day time)

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