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Infinite Reach

I nfinite Reach is comprised of incoming and upper year postsecondary students who have the common goal of working to- gether to enrich and enhance their post- secondary education experience. Members form a community of Métis learners within their college or university and support each other in their academic pursuits. Infinite Reach facilita- tors are upper year students who can offer assistance to incoming students by helping them adjust to university life. Infinite Reach

facilitators also work to create and maintain a sense of community among Métis students. Throughout the year Infinite Reach facilitators will host/facilitate cultural and informative events to connect students to the local Métis community and the MNO.

The Infinite Reach: Métis Student Solidarity Network will serve as a community of learners with the ability to inspire Métis students to achieve their full potential and provide the support of the Métis community.

Métis Student Solidarity Network

Infinite Reach Objectives

Traditional Metis Knowledge Sharing

What Makes Infinite Reach Unique?

∞ Establish a community of Métis Postsec- ondary Students across Ontario connected through their participation in Infinite Reach. ∞ Connect Métis learners with Métis Nation of Ontario community. ∞ Ease the transition of incoming postsec- ondary education students by partnering them with an upper year mentor who can assist them during their adjustment to post- secondary studies. ∞ Provide incoming students with a culturally appropriate support system that encourages maintenance of Métis values and practices. ∞ Increase awareness of Postsecondary Education opportunities among secondary school students by having mentors engaged in outreach to high schools.

Throughout Métis history the survival of our culture relied on the ability of community mem- bers with specific knowledge in trading, canoe- ing, food preparation, hunting, languages and medicines to share these skills with those less experienced in certain areas.

It was recognized that through the reciprocal sharing of lived experiences, even common- place events could provide insight and wisdom.

Today, the future of the Métis Nation relies on the principles of knowledge sharing that have always been a part of our culture. While attending postsecondary education many Métis students are separated from their fami- lies and may feel culturally invisible. The Infi- nite Reach network provides the sense of community necessary for Métis students to maintain healthy and positive identities.

While there are a number of mentorship pro- grams available at colleges and universities throughout the province, there is currently no program designed with the specific intent of partnering current Métis postsecondary stu- dents with incoming or potential Métis stu- dents. The Infinite Reach network is struc- tured as a community or network of Métis learners in order to avoid the hierarchical con- figuration implicit in many mentorship pro- grammes. In this way the Infinite Reach pro- gramme remains consistent with traditional Métis values and customs by acknowledging that each member of the community brings with them unique experiences that when shared can empower others.

The Infinite Reach network intends to create a network of Métis postsecondary students across the province that can share experiences and support one another in their academic pur- suits. The relationship between incoming stu- dents and facilitators and other Infinite Reach community members is determined by the needs of individual first year students. Some students may wish to communicate with facili- tators by email for quick advice regarding uni- versity life, and some may want to meet with their facilitators for coffee or at cultural events. The goal of the Infinite Reach network is to create a community of students who can easily connect with one another.

∞ Attending an Infinite Reach two day train- ing session ∞ Being throughout the academic year ∞ Initial meeting with incoming students in September ∞ Being knowledgeable of funding opportuni- ties for Métis students ∞ Being knowledgeable of community council and MNO events and programs ∞ Connecting incoming students with avail- able student services: Academic Coun- selling; Counselling Services; Disability Services; Health Services; Housing ∞ Connecting incoming students with Aborigi- nal Student Resource Centre and spend at least two hours a week in the Centres ∞ Organizing Powley Day activities (Sept 19) ∞ Organizing information session and cultural events throughout the year ∞ Encouraging students to self-identify as Métis within the institution ∞ Encourage students to subscribe to the MNO Postsecondary Distribution List ∞ Presenting and promoting postsecondary opportunities to Métis secondary school students

How to Get Involved

Calling All Métis Post-secondary Students! We are looking for facilitators and members to be part of the Infinite Reach: Métis Student Solidarity Network for the 2011/2012 academic year.


Infinite Reach Community

Facilitator Responsibilities

Facilitator Capacity

Eventually, the Infinite Reach network will grow to support facilitators and network mem- bers at every postsecondary institution at- tended by Métis students in Ontario.

Infinite Reach Distribution List

If you are a Métis postsecondary student and would like to know about funding opportunities, cultural events and community events in your area then you need to be on the Infinite Reach distribution list.

To join just go to the Métis Nation of Ontario Website’s Education and Training webpage and click on the Infinite Reach: Métis Student Solidarity Network link! Enter your email and stay connected! www.metisnation.org

Education and Training Branch 1-613-798-1488 x 137 Post-Secondary Education Officer 1-800-263-4889 x137

Métis Nation of Ontario 500 Old St. Patrick Street Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 9G4

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