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Summer 2011


Ending violence against Métis women

Call for strong action to end violence against Métis women

T he Women of the Métis Na- tion (WMN) attended the Collaboration to End Vio- lence: National Aboriginal Women's Forum (NAWF) in Van- couver, B.C. on June 15 to 17, 2011. Violence against women is a very real issue for the Métis: one that is more prevalent than is rec- ognized by mainstream media and the general public.

For the Métis, violence against women is a community issue with each person having a role and re- sponsibility, to prevent, intervene and support victims, or those who have lost loved ones to vio-

lence. "It is time to take a stand for our Métis women and girls. When one of our own has suf- fered or is lost, it resonates throughout the veins of the com- munity," said Women of the Métis Nation President Melanie Omeniho. "Every community citi- zen, service provider and leader must make Métis women a prior- ity, and this starts by properly identifying our women as being ‘Métis’."

There are issues that stem from Métis women and girls not being identified as victims of vio- lence within the information gathered during and after an inci- dent. The lack of solutions and re- sources required to prevent and intervene for Métis women and families as well as the ongoing maintenance necessary need to be addressed quickly. A Métis-spe- cific approach when working with

abused Métis women is the only way to ensure that Métis women and girls will not be forgotten.

President Omeniho contin- ued: "There is no way that we can come up with solutions if we are not identified; we are an unseen group--even here at this forum the reality is the same. Until Métis women are engaged in develop- ing the solutions and working collaboratively with others to ad- dress the issues of violence against Métis women nothing will change."

Over 200 delegates, from across Canada, including national Aboriginal organizations and provincial and territorial minis- ters, came together to share best practices and experiences. A list of recommendations was devel- oped that will be provided to Canada’s Premiers at an upcom- ing meeting in July.


Ken Simard honoured by City of Thunder Bay

K e n S i m a r d , C a p t a i n o f t h e H u n t f o r R e g i o n 2 , h a s r e - c e i v e d t h e C i t y o f T h u n d e Bay’s Exceptional Achievement Award for his commitment and dedication to the community. r

Ken is currently Chairperson of the Northwest Senior Games and represents north-western Ontario on the Ontario Senior Games Board. He began volun- teering at the Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre 15 years ago. A eu- chre enthusiast, Ken has organ- ized annual euchre tournaments at the centre as well as at the Fort William Historical Park.

For the past 19 years, Ken has been Captain of the Hunt in Re- gion 2, and has also served on the Thunder Bay Métis Council where he sits on the Lands, Re- sources and Consultation Com- mittee. He is greatly admired for his leadership ability and cheerful disposition. Way to go Ken!


Métis Nation welcomes reappointment of Minister John Duncan

M étis National Council Presi- dent, Clément Chartier, has written to the Hon. John Duncan, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, to con- gratulate him on his reappoint- ment to that portfolio.

“During the election cam- paign, the Conservative Party reaf- firmed the importance of the Métis Nation Protocol as the basis of the government’s productive relationship with the Métis Na- tion,” stated President Chartier. “I wrote to the Prime Minister soon after May 2, expressing my hope that the continuity and stability of- fered by a majority government will enable Canada and the Métis Nation to make further strides. The reappointment of Minister Duncan marks a first step in that direction as he and I have devel- oped a very collaborative relation-

ship in our joint efforts under the Protocol.”

President Chartier also com- mended Prime Minister Harper on his appointment of two Abo- riginal Cabinet members, Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq and In- tergovernmental Affairs Minister Peter Pensahue. Moreover, the Métis National Council supports the renaming of the Ministry of In- dian and Northern Affairs to the “Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development”, a change that better reflects the scope of the ministry’s relation- ships with First Nations, Inuit and the Métis Nation.



(left to right) Dean Dubois, graphic designer and artist for JR Printing; Liliane Ethier, TMCC President; Cindy Kergan, type- setter and website developer for JR Printing; Florence Wat- son, TMCC Councillor, and Andrew Hardy, print and produc- tion designer at JR Printing in North Cobalt.

TMCC 2.0

By Tina Ethier-Nichol TEMISKAMING

Web. Our new address is www.temiskamingmetis.ca


e’re proud to announce that the Temiskaming Métis Community Council is now live on the World Wide

The website has many dif- ferent links to follow, including employment, coming events, harvesting, past projects and many more.

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