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12.3 Nothing in this section shall preclude the City, at the discretion of the Chief of Police, from placing a new hire in the rank of police officer at an advanced pay step commensurate with the new hire's experience and training as a certified police officer.  In the event of a promotion an employee shall advance to the salary of his/her new classification.

12.4 In any situation not covered by the paragraph below, any police officer assigned by direction of the Chief or his/her designee to work in a higher classification than his/her own shall receive the rate of pay for all hours worked at the rate of pay for such higher classification.

Only the senior sergeant in terms of departmental seniority who is on duty on a shift (and whether assigned to the desk or not) shall receive lieutenant's pay for work performed in a higher classification pursuant to the provisions of Article XII, Section 4 only when the lieutenant assigned to the particular shift is not on duty. No other employees shall receive higher classification pay under Article XII except:

a.Patrolmen who are assigned to work as acting desk sergeants shall continue to receive higher classification pay in accordance with Article XII for such work;

b.Corporals or patrolmen who are assigned to the detective bureau shall continue to receive detectives' pay for such work in accordance with Article XII

12.5 Effective July 1, 1997, each employee who works any hours for which no overtime premium is received between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. shall receive an hourly shift differential of thirty cents ($.30) for the hours actually worked between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

12.6Effective upon the City and the Union signing this agreement, employees shall be paid a one time bonus of 2% of their salary as of July 1, 2006.  Said bonus shall be paid within fifteen days of the signing.

12.7For bargaining unit members who are not enrolled in a direct-deposit program for their city compensation, paychecks will be made available on Friday mornings, unless Friday is a legal holiday.



13.1 Longevity shall be considered as an added compensation to employees for continued and faithful service to the City. Longevity payments shall not affect the annual pay rate to which an employee is entitled.

13.2 Longevity payments shall be due to all regular full-time employees in the continuous service of the City excluding temporary, seasonal, part-time and per diem employees on the following scale:


5 yrs. but less than 10 yrs.$250.00

10 yrs. but less than 15 yrs.$400.00

15 yrs. but less than 20 yrs.$500.00


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