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14.12  Officers granted vacation leave pursuant to Article 18.4 of this Agreement may request to be placed on a Do Not Call list for overtime assignments for the length of their leave.


Officers granted leave in excess of three (3) consecutive single vacation days pursuant to 18.5b of this Agreement, who indicate that they are out of state, may request to be placed on a Do Not Call list for overtime assignments for the length of their leave.  However, these officers are subject to Order In if contacted.


The officers must indicate in writing on a form prescribed by the Department their desire not to be called for overtime.  Shift Commanders shall make a notation “DNC” on the overtime call sheets for each officer listed on the form.  The Uniformed Services Division Commander shall maintain a file of Do Not Call forms by changeover period.



15.1 The rate of pay for private sector work shall be one and one half times the hourly rate of the employee. Employees performing private work shall receive a minimum of four (4) hours pay. If the work is for more than four (4) hours, but less than eight (8) hours, the employee shall receive eight (8) hours pay. When an employee reports to private work and is notified that the work is canceled, he/she shall receive four (4) hours pay at time and one half the hourly rate.

15.2 The Chief of Police or his/her designated representative shall make all private duty assignments.  Commencing with the signing of this agreement, all employees' names shall be included in the private/extra duty roster by order seniority. At the beginning of each twenty-eight (28) day work period, the roster shall be reordered by seniority.  An employee who desires not to be included on the private/extra duty roster shall notify the Chief in writing to have his/her name removed from the roster.  Employees who desire to have his/her name added back to the roster shall notify the Chief in writing at least seven (7) days prior to the next work cycle.  Placement of the employee returning to the roster shall be according to seniority.

Assignments to private jobs shall be made from the private/extra duty assignments roster.  Assignments will be first offered to the employee at the top of the list who will be off-duty during the hours of the offered assignments.  If that employee accepts, works or refuses the assignment, his/her name will be moved to the bottom of the list and the next employee will be contacted.  If the employee cannot be contacted, the next employee will be called, but the first employee will not lose his/her place in the rotation.  In the event the private/duty assignment roster is exhausted, the Chief of Police, or his/her designee may allow employees not on the list to accept the assignment.

If the employee cancels, private/extra duty assignment, he/she cannot work any extra, private, or overtime assignments in the twenty-four (24) hour period commencing at 12:01 a.m. the day of the assignment to 12:01 a.m. the following day. An employee may not cancel a private/duty extra duty assignment to become eligible for any other assignment.  Once assignments have been made, no "bumping" shall be allowed. An employee assigned to a private/extra job shall not "trade" or "exchange" the job to any other person, but must notify the Chief or his/her designee of inability to fill the assignment so that a reassignment may be made. Job assignments shall be cut off on


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