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d.no more than nine (9) total personnel per shift may be scheduled off, on vacation, holiday or in training, excluding firearm and C.O.R.E. retraining, on any given day.

18.5 Employees shall be granted the use of single vacation days during the fiscal year provided:

a.That no more than ten (10) total personnel per shift are "scheduled'' off, including personnel on vacation, holiday, or in training, excluding firearms training and C.O.R.E. training, on any given day.

b.That not more than three (3) consecutive days absence will be allowed at any one (1) interval for credited single day vacation time without the approval of the Chief or his designee.

c.A single vacation day shall be granted to an employee who makes the first request for a particular day off. Seniority shall not be a condition for granting a day off.

d.Requests shall be submitted to the Division Commander or his designee within the week preceding shift change or during that next four (4) week work period. Employees shall be granted single vacation days during the four (4) week work period.

e.A Bargaining Unit member shall not be able to cancel a split vacation day after being properly ordered in.

18.6Employees shall be granted the use four (4) hour blocks of vacation time during the fiscal year provided:

a.Such time is the first four hours or the last four hours of an employee’s shift.

b.Vacation requests and permanence shall conform with the applicable sections of this Article;

c.The filling of such 4-hour vacancies shall be consistent with Section 14.3 of this contract; and

d.This 4-hour vacation block provision is effective only throughout the duration of this contract and will thereafter become void unless agreed to by the parties in subsequent negotiations.

18.7 No refund of vacation time shall be allowed due to illness incurred while on vacation leave. However, in case an employee has exhausted his/her sick leave, he/she may apply vacation time due him/her as a credit toward sick leave.

18.8 An employee who is retired from the police department shall be granted the sum total of his/her vacation leave prior to the date of his/her retirement. In the event of the death of an employee, the employee's accrued vacation shall be paid to the employee's designated beneficiary.

18.9 Employees may carry forward no more than fifty (50) days of unused vacation leave, plus vacation leave earned in the prior anniversary year, into the ensuing anniversary year. It shall be


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