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19.2 Sick leave shall be considered to be absence from duty with pay for the following reasons:

a. illness or injury, except where directly traceable to employment by an employer other than the City of New London;

b. when the employee is required to undergo medical, optical or dental treatment and only when this cannot be accomplished on off-duty hours;

c. when the serious illness of a member of the employee's immediate family requires his/her personal attendance, if supported by a medical certificate, such certificate to be submitted within ten (10) days of the time of the incident.

Nothing herein shall preclude the Chief or his/her designee from investigating an employee when there is likelihood that sick leave is being abused.

19.3 An employee may use more than one hundred twenty (120) days of accrued sick leave in a single fiscal year only upon the recommendation of the Chief and the approval of the City Manager.

19.4 An employee shall be entitled to one (1) compensatory day off at the end of any four (4) consecutive month period of perfect attendance without use of sick leave. A new period for determining entitlement begins with the day that follows the final fourth month of the prior determination period. An employee who, by absence because of sick leave, breaks a determination period shall have a new four (4) month period for determining entitlement start on the day he/she returns to his/her regularly assigned duties after such absence. The compensatory day must be used within the succeeding twelve (12) month period.


A health savings plan shall be established by the City under the following terms:


All bargaining unit members are eligible to participate in the program on a one time irrevocable basis.  The program will be effective as of the signing of the contract and the balances of employees to be used are their sick balances as of July 1, 2004.  

In addition, employees must maintain a balance of 500 hours at all times.  This balance is determined July 1 of each fiscal year.  Any hours above 500 hours may be transferred to the employee’s ICMA Retirement Health Savings Plan (RHS) at a rate of 100% of their current hourly wage.  The maximum allowed each year to transfer will be $3,000.  Upon retirement, hours may be transferred up to $5,000.  



Contributions to the plan will be on a pre-tax basis based on eligibility criteria.


To elect to make contributions, a form must be completed between July 1 and September 1 of the current fiscal year.  


Voluntary after tax contributions are allowed up to 25% of the total contributions.  



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