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2300hrs shift in lieu of shift for attending Jury duty.  In addition, personnel selected for Jury duty who are scheduled to work the 2300 hrs shift and whose Jury Duty date falls on the first day of their two RDO’s may take the preceding 2300 hrs shift off and the schedule shall reflect “IN-LIEU JURY” for that shift.

1. At no time shall department personnel be paid for Jury Duty on their RDO’s except as provided herein.

d.Members may not switch or move days off (not otherwise associated with a monthly squad swap) if the change would place them on duty, when they would be normally off duty.

e.In the event Jury Duty is cancelled when the member calls the court the night before the service, the officer shall immediately notify the Shift Commander and will be responsible for working his/her regularly scheduled shift.  The Shift Commander will notify the members Division Commander.



21.1 Not more than three (3) officers, or members of the Union, shall be granted leave from duty with pay for any meeting between the City and the Union for the purpose of negotiating the terms of the contract, or processing grievances when such meeting takes place at any time during which such members are scheduled to be on duty, provided, however, a member scheduled to work the night shift prior to a scheduled contract negotiation or grievance arbitration hearing shall be granted such leave with pay for such night shift.

In order to properly document leave taken under this section, the Union president or his/her designee shall on each occasion notify the Chief of Police or Deputy Chief in writing at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of such meeting, if possible, indicating the names of the officer/union members and the purpose of the meeting.

21.2 Such officers and members of the Union as may be designated by the Union shall be granted leave from duty with full pay for Union business, such as attending labor conventions and educational conferences, provided that the total leave for the purpose set forth in this section shall not exceed fifteen (15) days in any fiscal year, and provided that at least two (2) weeks' notice in writing to the Chief or his/her designee is given when employees expect to attend educational conferences or labor conventions.



22.1 The Policemen and Firemen Survivor's Benefit Fund, which is currently in effect under an agreement between the City of New London and its Police and Fire unions shall be continued for eligible employees during the term of this Agreement in accordance with the plan's provisions as described by the Connecticut General Statutes.


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