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32.4Personnel who are injured in the line of duty and who return to work in a Light, Limited or Full Duty capacity shall be compensated for subsequent physician visits as follows:

a.Personnel who must attend doctor visits or receive treatment as a result of aforementioned injury shall be paid a minimum of two (2) hours of straight pay at the employee’s rate of pay.

b.Any time over the two (2) hour minimum spent in process of travel or treatment shall be paid on an “actual time basis” (i.e., if 2-1/2 hours were spent traveling and receiving treatment, the employee shall be paid 2.5 hours at the employee’s straight time hourly rate of pay).

c.All personnel shall endeavor to schedule work-related doctor visits during their on-duty hours.

d.All personnel shall “book on” with Shift Commander when leaving their residence prior to an off-duty doctor visit and shall “book off” duty with the Shift Commander once the employee has returned home following treatment.  Booking on and off duty can be done via telephone.  In the event that the Shift commander cannot be reached, a message may be left on the Shift Commander’s phone or with the Dispatcher in the Communication Center.

32.5Employees who sustain non-work-related injuries, illnesses, impairments or conditions that would prevent the employee from performing his/her required duties shall be ineligible for duty and shall report such condition to the Chief of Police or his/her designee prior to any return to duty and shall only be eligible for return to work upon submission of a doctor’s certificate to the Chief attesting to the employee’s physical ability to return to full duty.

a.In accordance with Rule 9, Section 6 of the Personnel Rules, the Chief of Police or his/her designee, for any good reason, may direct an employee to be examined by a physician employed by the City if a disability or illness of any kind is discovered which impairs the effectiveness of an employee or would make his/her return to duty a danger to him/her or others.  Such examination will be conducted within a reasonable amount of time.



33.1 The City annually agrees to post a request for volunteers for assignment to the Task Force by July 1, of each year.

33.2 The City agrees to select a new officer for assignment to the Task Force (assuming volunteers are available) by September 1 of each year.

33.3 The Union recognizes the right of the City to specify the number and types of personnel to be assigned to the Task Force.

33.4 The Union agrees that officers assigned to the Task Force may have indefinite assignments provided that the City continues to comply with Sections 1 and 2 above.


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