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c.This section only applies as long as the city maintains a Youth Services Bureau.

d.No differential payments are associated with this issue.

35.5In order to encourage officers to participate as Field Training Officers (FTO) and to provide for compensation for additional duties and responsibilities, the following shall apply:

a.In accordance with Section 12.4, FTO’s shall receive pay at a Sergeant’s rate for periods while assigned as a FTO supervising probationary officers.

b.Selection and training of the FTO’s shall be in accordance with Article 39.

c.The Chief of Police or his/her designee shall maintain all rights of assignment, to include frequency of assignment or utilization of FTO’s presently certified by POST.

d.FTO’s, while being paid at a Sergeant’s rate of pay, do  not have authority or responsibility of general supervision of police personnel, other than the probationary officer currently assigned to them.

e.The FTO’s, including supervisors performing FTO duties, shall be permitted in accordance with Section 24.2, to purchase clothing generally suited for plain-clothes police work, as authorized by the Chief of Police.

f.Supervisors working in a FTO capacity shall receive no additional compensation.

35.6Officers assigned to the School Resource Officer Program (SRO) will come under the supervision and direction of the Patrol Division Commander.

a.Selection, assignment and working conditions of SRO’s shall be in accordance with the above-listed provisions for Support Services.  School Resource Officers hours of work shall be 0730-1530 daily with Saturday and Sunday as their regular days off.

b.The city will continue to hire police personnel for Extra Duty Assignments at the schools as pursuant to normal staffing as in the past for such events.  This will not prevent SRO’s from being present at an event.  However, such SRO’s shall not be used in lieu of or to replace hired officers.  Such SRO’s may work these Extra Duty Assignments provided they are hired in accordance with the Extra Duty hiring and assignment process in Article XVI.

c.During the school calendar year SRO’s shall not be required to take leave time (i.e. holiday(s), vacation day(s)), unless the SRO requests same.  When schools are closed for a one-day holiday, teacher meetings or snow days, SRO’s may elect to work on school/SRO projects and will not be reassigned Patrol Duties, unless no SRO work is available.  During periods of school vacation, School Resource Officer(s) will be reassigned to Patrol Duty on the 0700 tour with Saturday/Sunday as regular days off.


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