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d.Prior to the start of each school year, SRO’s shall be notified and given five (5) business days’ notice of their assignment.  Prior to the start of summer recess, the School Resource Officers shall be notified and given five (5) business days’ notice that s/he will be returning to his/her original squad and normal scheduled regular days off.  A copy of these notifications will be furnished to the Union in a timely manner.

e.These provisions shall remain in effect throughout the grant period and any period of required retention of said grant and/or when funding is exhausted or the City determines that the School Resource Officer Grant is no longer operationally feasible.



36.1 Assignments to the police boat shall be made from the list of qualified volunteers. Full-time assignment will be rotated on a twenty-eight (28) day basis and the employee so assigned shall work forty (40) hours per week, eight (8) hours per day, five (5) consecutive workdays per week, with two (2) consecutive days off at the end of such forty (40) hour week and the two (2) days off shall regress in the normal fashion as specified in Article XI, Section 4 of the current working agreement. If for any reason the police boat does not operate, the assignee may be used wherever the Chief designates. Upon completion of such full-time assignment, the employee shall return to his/her regular squad.

36.2 Assignment will be made by the Chief or his designee to meet program needs.  Assignments shall be scheduled for no more than eight (8) hours.


a. Assignment to the police boat to cover the assignee's day off and open shift shall be made from the list of qualified volunteers, first utilizing qualified volunteers already scheduled to work a regular shift.

b. Overtime and private duty assignment as required on the police boat shall be divided as equally as possible between the employees on the list of qualified volunteers.

c. There shall be a minimum of two (2) qualified employees on duty at all times when said police boat is in operation, except where the vessel in operation is designed to accommodate a single operator (e.g. the jet boat).


a. Volunteers, in order to be qualified to operate the police boat, must have Connecticut Safe Boating Certificate as issued by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and completion of any other boating training as determined by the Chief.  Training, if required after an individual is qualified, will be at the City’s expense pursuant to the training provisions of the agreement.  


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