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If however, a scuba dive is called for as part of the operation of the boat there shall be at least two (2) qualified divers participating in any such operation.

36.5 Employees whose names appear on the list of qualified volunteers must reaffirm their desire to remain on the list by annually notifying the Chief of Police of this desire prior to April 1. New volunteers may have their names added to the list any time by submitting a request to the Chief of Police with proof of Connecticut Safe Boating Certificate as issued by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and completion of any other boating training as determined by the Chief.



37.1 Three (3) officers may be accepted as volunteers for a K-9 unit.

a.The department shall furnish and maintain ownership of all dogs used in this program, unless an officer has a dog which he/she wishes to donate to the K-9 program.

b.At such time as a dog may be retired from service, it shall be given at no cost to the handler.

c.All training shall be provided at department expense, in accordance with Article XXXIX of this agreement.

37.2 Officers assigned to the K-9 unit shall work his/her own squad or shift. Hours of work may be modified to meet and satisfy program requirements and special situations at the discretion of the Uniformed Services Commander.

37.3 Officers assigned a police canine will be given one half hour compensatory time for each regular day off or each day worked without the canine, for care, grooming and feeding of his/her canine when the canine is in the officer's custody and care. Officers will be granted one half hour during the regular tour of duty, for care and grooming of his/her K-9. Compensatory time must be used within the fiscal year of which it was accrued.

37.4 No other member of the bargaining unit shall, except in emergencies, be required to ride in the police car with the police canine for any reason.



38.1 As many as two (2) officers per squad may be accepted as volunteers for motorcycle assignment and each member shall work his own squad or shift. Assignments may be rescheduled for special events.

38.2 Officers assigned to motorcycle duties shall be required to have a Connecticut motorcycle license and any motorcycle training as determined by the Chief.


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