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The Department Training Officer shall maintain updated files for each Department POST Certified Instructor.




Police Captains.  Police Captains shall continue to be afforded all rights, privileges, and benefits provided within this collective bargaining agreement, and Captains’ wages shall be adjusted in accordance with contractual wage increases applicable to the entire bargaining unit.


In accordance with the June 5, 2005 Agreement, there shall be three (3) Police Captains, one assigned to each of the three department divisions, as determined by the Chief of Police.   The duties and responsibilities of the Captain Division Commanders shall be in accordance with the revised job description. In the event that a Police Captain is absent, one of the other Captains shall be assigned to supervise the Division(s), as determined by the Chief of Police.

The job description for the position of Police Captain bears professional responsibilities that differ significantly from other position in the bargaining unit.  Captains have interchangeable authority over Divisions as assigned by the Police Chief, supervise other divisions during periods of absence, and serve as role models for all subordinates within the Department.  

40.3Captains who perform duties and assume responsibilities generally assigned to the Deputy Chief of Police will not receive additional salary compensation for such tasks.  However, upon negotiating the impact of the reduction of duties due to the reinstatement of the Deputy Chief’s position, no reduction in base salary compensation for the Captains shall occur.

40.4Captains shall work 0830 to 1630, Monday through Friday, with Saturday and Sunday off.  Captains may flex their schedule, adjusting their regular hours to satisfy program requirements, special situations, personal needs, general assignments, and direct attendance as regularly scheduled meetings.

40.5 Call-in duties shall be paid at 3 hours per call in, at straight-time compensatory time up to an initial 96 hours of compensatory time, after which call-ins shall be paid at the time and one-half rate.  Accumulated compensatory time must be used or forfeited by the end of each fiscal year.

40.6 Captains shall receive a 10% wage stipend annually as compensation for all off duty telephone calls and related responsibilities.  This wage stipend shall be paid 50% on July 1st and 50% on January 1st of each year, and shall be considered regular wages for purposes of pension and compensation.


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