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Post Case Narratives For Review. After case processing, ARS posted the case narrative and 10 key

points for each case on Google Documents for review by all Fellows and Cold Case Project personnel.


Present Cold Case to Fellows for Deliberation. ARS created an agenda for each weekly project

meeting which listed the cases to be deliberated. Fellows reviewed posted narratives in preparation for the weekly meeting. Each case was presented by the reviewing Fellow(s) and group deliberations ensued. The purpose of deliberation was to craft specific recommendations for action in each case to present to DFCS during the follow- up phone call. Final recommendations were approved by the Project Lead and/or Project Director. 11. Schedule Follow-Up Telephone Conference. ARS scheduled a county follow-up telephone conference (telcon) after deliberations of each county’s cases. The Project Director or Project Lead served as the call moderator, and all reviewing Fellows were invited. ARS viewed Fellow and moderator schedules via Google calendar to determine availability. Prospective dates were emailed and all parties confirmed availability. Dates/ times were forwarded to AOC to confirm availability of the AOC conference line. Next, emails were sent to the county DFCS Director suggesting dates/times for the telcon. Once receiving confirmation from a Director, the AOC conference line was secured and invitation emails were sent with the date/time and conference call instructions to: DFCS Director, Fellow(s) that reviewed cases in that county, Project Director, Project Lead, County SAAG(s), the DFCS Permanency Expeditor(s) for the county, and any other designated staff. The invitation also invited the Director to forward the invitation to any other interested parties. 12. Conduct Follow-Up Telephone Conference. The follow-up telcons lasted approximately 30 to 60 minutes, depending upon the number of cases reviewed in a county. The conversation closely followed the DFCS Case Review Follow-Up Telephone Conference Script (see Appendix C). The moderator led the call and the Fellows answered case-specific questions and discussed recommendations. The purpose of the telcons was to provide feedback to the DFCS office, answer questions, explore ideas for permanency, inform DFCS of the Cold Case Project mission and make final case summaries available for DFCS review. Fellows edited the 10 key points posted on Google Documents during or immediately following the telcon if any new information was discovered. 13. Post Key Points. After the telcon, the moderator emailed a note to the DFCS Director that included the edited 10 key points for each case reviewed in the county. ARS then posted the final version of the 10 key points

on Google groups where they could be viewed by DFCS and other designated personnel.

June 2010


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