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The Georgia Cold Case Project

Cold Case File Review Checklist

The following 8 steps should be followed to complete the packet of documents required for each Cold Case file reviewed. Check each item as completed. Submit this checklist with your completed packet.

1. Review the Consent Form with the DFCS Case Manager. Fellow as “Investigator” and Case Manager must sign and date both copies. Leave one copy with the Case Manager.

2. Read through the DFCS file and complete the Cold Case File Review Form. Feel free to write notes directly on the form.

3. Locate the earliest and most recent child psychological assessment reports contained in the DFCS file. Complete the Cold Case File Earliest & Most Recent Child Psychological Assessment Review forms. Write the child’s Cold Case File# on the first page of each form. If only 1 report is in the file, complete only the “Most Recent” form.

4. Interview the Case Manager using the Cold Case DFCS Case Manager Interview Protocol (in person at the time of file review, or follow-up on the telephone only if the case manager is

unavailable). Case Manager Name: Phone:

____________ E-Mail: ____________________________________

____________________________ ____________________________________ (email this CM contact information to sharon.johnson.ars@gmail.com within 24 hours).

5. Write a 1-2 page summary of the case using the Cold Case Narrative Summary Instructions. Be sure to include the 10 summary bullets at the top.

6. Complete your Cold Case File Activity Sheet, reflecting all travel time, time spent at DFCS reviewing the case, interviewing the case worker, and completing the summary narrative.

7. Email an electronic copy of your Narrative Summary to sharon.johnson.ars@gmail.com.

8. Mail or fax the following documents to ARS: 1) Checklist, 2) Signed Consent Form, 3) Cold Case Review Form, 4) Child Psychological Assessment Review Forms, 5) Cold Case Narrative Summary, 6) Cold Case File Activity Sheet. Forms are due within 5 business days of your case review at DFCS. You may retain a copy of all documents for your file. Applied Research Services, Inc. Attn: Sharon Johnson 663 Ethel Street, NW Atlanta, GA 30318 fax: (404) 881-8998 If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Johnson at ARS: (404) 881-1120 ext. 105


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